Keeping Productive at Home with Planit & CABINET VISION

Planit is working on providing greater assistance to customers as we transition through these current conditions. We have been working with the Global CABINET VISION Team to create more options and services to assist our customers should your operational needs change. 

As always, our customers are our first priority. The Planit team remains operational, with staff having access to more web-based tools to be able to continue to provide our support & services remotely. 

To assist you in facing these unprecedented challenges, we now offer a range of opportunities for all customers to connect remotely to your software. It is our hope that these new options provide the flexibility and connectivity you need to remain as productive as possible.

Short Term Licence Rental

CABINET VISION has the ability to allow users to rent a CABINET VISION Licence for your home (or another) PC.

To discuss renting a licence, please contact your Planit Representative via the link below:


Move your licence to another computer

You can take and move your licence to any computer and continue to use CABINET VISION. There are a few steps to follow, and we suggest the best way forward is to discuss this with our team prior to starting. 

If you need to download CABINET VISION Version 12 for another computer, Please Click Here

For Versions other than Version 12, or if you require any assistance, please contact our Help Desk

Stay Tuned for an upcoming Webinar on this topic...


Use a remote desktop solution

Some customers may choose to access their work computer via a remote access application. Read our article on things to consider when using CABINET VISION Remotely. 

We recommened that this option is also discussed with your IT Department or Provider, as they will direct you for what is best accordingly, to suit what is best your system.

If you have any questions, please have them contact our Help Desk directly. 


Other Tips

Some other useful tips regarding CABINET VISION

  • Back up your database regularly, especially before setting up new systems
  • Increase your skillset by learning from our CABINET VISION Tutorials - Click Here to View
  • Customer Care members can keep up to date on eSupport - Click Here to Login

As always, our support and sales teams remain available to answer your questions.

By utilising digital and online tools, all of our staff are reachable during normal working hours to help you through this difficult period. As circumstances are continuously changing, we will contact you in due course if you have any integrations booked.

Please stay tuned for further updates and, above all, take care of yourself and your loved ones.