Quick Render Lighting Effects

Using light sources is important to get the 3D Render view looking its best. You don’t need to spend a large amount of time to get decent effects.

The lights are setup initially in the  File – Setup – Render Lighting… area. There are three light types. Directional, Point and Spot. Directional light would be like Sunlight. It shines from afar. Point light is a source that radiates in all directions. Spot lights can be focused. All the light types can be modified after they are placed in the room.

Here is a view with the default lighting. It looks OK but it could use some enhancements.


This floor plan has a Directional light that was modified in direction and angle.



You can see that more light effects would be useful.

2 Point lights were added at opposite sides of the room.


Finally add a Spot Light for effect. I put this one over the Island and directed it downward.
The above views are made using PhotoVision 32. If you use the standard OpenGL with textures as below, you’ll find that the intensity of the lights will need to be adjusted downward by 50% or more so the view isn’t washed out with brightness.
You can see with just a few quickly place lights, the view is enhanced significantly. The key to successful lighting is Practice. Texture properties influence the views too. This tech tip is valid for Cabnetworks, the Detailer and the EDGECAM | Designer