Planit Australia Website continually improves

Have you visited the Australian Planit website recently? If not, next time you have 5 minutes to spare, having a coffee or a lunch break go to

The first change you will notice is to the left hand menu items. The order of menu items has been revised based on feedback from our customers that the Services section of the webpage was sometimes hard to find based on individual’s screen size or resolution settings. We have now moved it 3rd from the top so you never have to scroll down the page to find the Services menu selection


The next change you will notice is again to the Services section of the website.
Once you are in the Services section on the right hand side of the page we have created “PODS” which are designed to make it easy for you to be directed to a specific page or function.
In the case of Customer Care where our support Technicians get online and view your computer screen via Remote Assistance, our customers have given us some feedback that they found it hard to find where on our website they needed to go to get online with the support technician.
With the creation of the “PODs” on the right hand side on any of the Services website pages you can click on the 1st POD named Remote Assistance and this will take you (when directed by our Support Technician) directly to the logon page. This will help minimize the time it takes for our technicians to get online with you.
The other change that has been made to the website is under Products, and to the Cabinet Vision product range. 
Firstly, Products can now be found 2nd from the top on the left hand menu selection of the webpage, making it easier for people to locate information on our products.
Secondly, the new product brochures for Cabinet Vision have been uploaded which highlight the features & benefits of each of the different Cabinet Vision products as you step up through the Cabinet Vision product range.
To view the new brochures, once you have selected the Products section from the left menu, if you then select Cabinet Vision this will then take you into the products listing page for Cabinet Vision.
Select a product you might be interested in and select the option down towards the bottom of page to download a brochure.

As always, if you have some feedback or ideas on our website please email

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