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Nicole had a baby girl!

Mia Violet Thompson was born on 17/3/2010 3.5 weeks premmie and weighing 2.6kg. She was in the special care nursery for 2 weeks and once her feeding was up to speed she was released from hospital to start her life journey.

Since coming home from hospital, Nicole tells us she has been gaining lots of weight and is now weighs in at a healthy 5.1kg.
Mia is now giving lots of smiles and is a great sleeper for Mummy & Daddy.
Congratulation to Nicole & Alex on your beautiful baby girl.


Introducing Kristofer Schofield to the Planit family

Kris was born in Sutherland hospital (Sydney) in July, 1980 to Australian parents of mixed British, Irish and Finnish ancestry. Kris has lived in Yarrawarrah (Sutherland Shire) his whole life until recently when he moved into the Inner West with his girlfriend.

Kris completed his apprenticeship in Carpentry/Joinery at Budget Stairs and have mainly worked in the building industry.
One of Kris’s passions in travel so in 2002 he went to live in Edinburgh, Scotland with his brother Michael for 2 years and had a fantastic time.

After coming home and working for 3 years in the staircase game, manufacturing, quoting and installing,  the travel bug returned so he went  on to travel to Scotland, Iceland, Finland, Norway and Ireland before settling in Cork City on a year’s working Visa. This is where he met his girlfriend Vivian, an American also working in Cork in the recruitment industry.
After travelling extensively together Kris & Vivienne returned home to Australia and have set up home together in Sydney.
Kris has a lot of hobbies and apart from the typical Australian obsession with all things sport, Kris also enjoys photography, hiking and camping along with passions of geography, linguistics and history.

Kris has joined the team at Planit in the Services department as an Integrator. Kris will be working with our customers via our different training & integration programs while supporting the rest of Services team with the other services we offer to our customers.


Home Sweet Home

Jamie Silver our Customer Service & Sales Representative for South NSW has bought a unit with his girlfriend Gemma. Proud home owners Jamie & Gemma found a great unit down Cronulla to which they now call home.  In the middle of some renovations, painting & new flooring Jamie has taken some photo’s to show us what they have been up to.


Good to see Jamie hard at work!                Jamie used Cabinet vision to work 
                                                                           out how much flooring to order &
                                                                           where to make the cut downs/joints.

Double car garage was high        Congratulations on purchasing your home!
onthe list of “must haves”
for the unit


Combining work & travel

David Carr who has recently moved from our Services department as an Integrator to a Special Projects role recently snuck in a quick holiday to Thailand. Spending a couple of “sketchy” days in Bangkok trying to avoid the red shirt protesters he then spent a week with his girlfriend Jodie relaxing in Koh Samui. Dave tells us “a beautiful place, cheap drinks and 40+ degree days were just what he needed”!

Jodie stayed on for a further 4 weeks volunteering at a wildlife rescue centre a few hours south of Bangkok. During her stay she was lucky enough to work with Elephants, Sun Bears, Otters, Gibbons, Macaques, Langurs, Civets, a Tiger and many other amazing animals. Jodie thoroughly enjoyed her time at the centre and highly recommends the centre to anyone interested in conservation of these beautiful animals.


Little W

John Whinnen and his wife Lisa are busily preparing the nursery for their new addition, appropriately nicknamed “Little W” due in approximately 10 weeks. Another Leo like John! With Lisa’s tummy growing and her back taking the strain, the duties of preparing the nursery have fallen directly on John’s shoulders. In addition, John has been busy restoring old furniture, one piece being a family heirloom.

John’s Great Grandmother who lived in Gawler, South Australia was given an ornate Morris Chair to nurse her new son, John’s Grandfather. A plaque inscribed with “Presented to Mother” and the year 1915 was attached to the front. When John started on the chair it was in a bad way but whilst removing the old upholstery he found some repairs to the underside had been made via a hessian sugar bag with year 1942 printed on it, the year John’s father was born also in Gawler. Spooky!

With the chair now repaired, re-polished and upholstered John has made it pride of place in the nursery ready for the next generation of the Whinnen family to use.


Update on our Firemen Pete

As you know Peter Carr left us recently to accept a long awaited position at the Fire Brigade. Pete is 4 weeks into the 15 week recruit training program. He is enjoying the training and is exhausted from all the hard work. This week he is practicing the use of breathing apparatus in a room ranging from 100 to 700 degrees! We wish Pete the best of luck in his new adventures.


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