Taking back Control

Carlo Ammendolea from CA Cabinets in Malaga Western Australia feels that he is now back in control of his business. With his Cabinet Vision software from Planit, he now knows that the job will be cut and edged within a few hours of him scheduling it through the factory. By automating things with his new Morbidelli flatbed from Ian Patterson of I&J Machinery, Carlo has “deskilled” these processes and he is no longer reliant on a couple of key personnel. And, with the mortise & tenon construction method setup by his Planit Integrator along with all the construction holes for his drawer systems, assembly is a breeze. When he was being interviewed for this case study, he was asked how things were going. His response was “I’m lovin it!!”
Carlo had a good system in place prior to buying Cabinet Vision and he was able to draw and quote jobs very quickly (just floor plans and elevations – no 3D). Alan Gibson, the Planit consultant, conservatively advised Carlo to calculate the drawing time to be the same, and then downstream tasks (3D, cutting lists, material cost lists and labour estimates) would be “Free”. He was wrong. Drawing a job is quicker with Cabinet Vision and when the customer changes their mind about the design, alterations are a cinch.
When considering the whole concept of nested based manufacturing, Carlo had a big problem coming to terms with the software investment. He was OK with the machine price – it’s big, it’s noisy, it moves and it makes sawdust – but he struggled justifying the software. Now he realises that it is the software that makes everything move. Without Cabinet Vision, all he would have is a big expensive boat anchor (just joking Ian).

CA Cabinets manufacture mid to high end kitchens and construction can include timber rails, veneers, weird angled cabinets and special hardware. It was important that the software could accommodate these requirements without having to compromise on quality. Alan Gibson from Planit was able to show Carlo that Cabinet Vision could be adapted to suit his requirements rather than the other way around.

Another important consideration for Carlo was the level of support he could expect from his software supplier. He spoke to a number of local cabinet makers using the Planit software and he was assured that the support he could expect from Planit was exceptional. Planit are a national company with a local dealer with support personnel based right here in Western Australia. The fact that he could work with the Planit team and communicate “face to face” was an important consideration for Carlo when deciding which way to go.
As part of the investment analysis, Carlo figured that if he could realise a 10% improvement in productivity the whole thing would break even. If he could achieve a 20% improvement, he would be better off and if he could achieve a 30% improvement he would be laughing. Well after only three months, Carlo is already enjoying a 30% improvement and we predict that a 50% improvement in productivity is imminent. Now he is really laughing.......