International Dealer Meeting

On the 16th of May Steve Cugley, Shannon O’Brien, John Hayter and I (Graham Rutter) made our way to Toulouse in the South of France for the annual Planit International Re-Seller’s Conference.

The venue was a Hotel very well equipped to cater for large groups of people with around 150 people, from 93 different re-sellers making the journey from up to 80 different countries around the world.

With such an event covering the variety of products that Planit sell it was great to share experiences with other re-sellers and catch up with the various product managers and software developers.

With CabinetVision 2011 just going into the Beta testing stage we were able to get a demonstration on the features first hand and get a glimpse of where the products are heading into the future; I must say I’m really excited with what the future holds.

After an overview of the latest releases for the different products; AlphaCAM, CabinetVision, Radan and EdgeCAM there was an awards dinner on Monday night. The location was kept a secret up until the very last minute with everyone travelling onboard 2 buses to a beautiful Chateau built during the mid 1700’s.

The award ceremony took place halfway through a traditional French meal and I’m very proud to announce that we were awarded the prize for ‘Planit Re-Seller of the Year’!

Steve Cugley accepting the award for Planit Reseller of the Year from Bryan Pryce CEO of Planit.


A testimony to a great team and all of our customers for getting us to where we are today; Thank you!

Needless to say we celebrated with a few French Wines well into the evening.

At the end of the conference we all went our separate ways; John Hayter with his wife Wendy headed to Paris, Steve Cugley and his family headed home with a 2 day stopover in Singapore, at the time of writing this Shannon O’Brien has just started his 9 day European tour and at the time of writing this; I’m waiting to board my delayed flight to London where I will spend 2 days sightseeing before heading for home.

Graham: up the top of the Eifel Tower

  Shannon: on the way up the Eifel Tower

Again, I would like to say a BIG ‘Thank you’ to our great team and our Great Customers - YOU!

Graham Rutter

National Services Manager.


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