Insuring Planit Licenses

OAMPS Insurance Brokers was formed in 1976 and was originally Oil Agents Mutual Provident Society.  At that time OAMPS sourced a better insurance deal for fuel distributors around Australia and have used that same approach to develop targeted insurance deals to over 100 industry associations, Planit clients are one of the most recent deals they have created.

 The insurance deal OAMPS and Planit have put together for our customer’s software and security keys is not only very price competitive but also comprehensive and exclusive to Planit software clients only.
Many of you have already experienced difficulty with finding insurance, and when you read the policy wordings carefully you will find that although you can insure software & security keys, you may not be able to claim the full amount following a loss.

 With the release of the Planit Security Policy, you will now have peace of mind knowing that you have an insurance policy that was written with guidance from Planit and has been approved by Planit to ensure it meets your needs and will comply with Planit’s requirements when a claim does need to be made.

Over the coming months OAMPS will be sending out CD's to all our customers which will contain the insurance program, however if you would like to arrange a quote sooner, please don't hesitate to contact Andrew Clarke of OAMPS on (02) 6953 3000 or email and he can email the details to you.  

We have done everything we can to ensure it is an easy policy to arrange and understand. To look find out more information on OAMPS visit their website:-

Insurance provided by OAMPS for companies in Australia.


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