New Manager, a Stand Out

Kitchen Creators of Paraparaumu and New Plymouth, New Zealand purchased Manager software to find a better way of tracking cost and time, and to have better analysis tools.

“The Manager system is user-friendly and very comprehensive. We’ve customised the reports and quotes to work for us,” said Kitchen Creators co-proprietor Craig Wattam.

“The reporting is extensive and incredibly helpful for tracking sales and quotes, checking production times, analysing expenses, and tracking and reordering stock, among other things. The reports enable us to quote more effectively and stay on top of sales and expenses.

“Manager makes the processes more transparent. In time, our quoting will become more consistent and we’ll know the profit margin on each job.

“Manager is also very good at keeping track of stock levels and has the ability to notify us when we need to order more stock. This gives us better cash flow and allows the staff to concentrate on other things.”

Craig said that the staff of Kitchen Creators were still in the process of learning the capabilities of Manager. “But already we can see the benefits of knowing how long things will take, how much they will cost, and what we can sell them for.”

Graham Rutter from Planit in Australia came to New Zealand to install the software and train the staff.

“He was patient and thorough. He was also available via technical support, to answer all the questions we thought of after he left!” Craig said.

“Our staff coped well with the basic understanding and initial training on Manager, although a thorough knowledge of its power will take time and practice. Like any system, the more you put in the more you get out of it.”

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