Planit Family

Baby on the way

Nicole Thompson, who looks after accounts & ordering of goods to Planit, has announced she is expecting her first baby,due in April 2010.

Nicole & her husband Alex are very excited, and are busily preparing for their baby’s arrival into their lives.

Nicole will be taking maternity leave from April next year & Rebecca Brewer, who currently looks after administration has already started learning parts of Nicole’s role.


A change of address & a dream come true

Sean Balchin, our Victorian & Tasmania Customer Service Representative has decided on a change of his address for his family home. Sean and his family have bought a home located on 5 acres. “It’s a haven that offers privacy, peace, space and comfortable living my family” said Sean.

Ranch-style in design, the home will allow Sean and his family plenty of room to move around & for his kids, a pool & 5 acres of fun!

We hope this family home will be filled with love, laughter & wonderful memories.


Need for Speed

Tony Chapman from Planit Queensland has competed in 7 races over two weekends for the Formula Ford racing. Tony picked up 4 Seconds, 2 Thirds and 1 Fourth.

“I even gave myself an extra challenge by starting from the pit lane for the wet race”, laughs Tony. “I didn’t want some of the new kiddies crashing into me as they figured out what a wet race track is like”!

A lot of older drivers came up to Tony afterwards and asked “was that an I don’t want my car which is for sale to get damaged” trick – to which he answered.. yes!

Tony received a lot of compliments regarding his driving and we wish him luck in his up-coming races.



The Planit team have been growing moustaches  for this year’s Movember. 

Movember is now in its sixth year and, to date, has achieved some pretty amazing results by working alongside The Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCFA) and beyondblue: the national depression initiative.

What many people don't know is that close to 3,000 men die of prostate cancer each year in Australia and one in eight men will experience depression in their lifetime - many of whom don't seek help. Facts like these have convinced us we should get involved and help raise money.

Planit have raised over $1000

See below our Movember photo’s showcasing  our “wanna be” cowboy’s, porn star’s & dodgy character’s!!

Steve Cugley
Dave Carr John Whinnen Peter Carr
Travis Purkis Graham Rutter Seal Balchin David Fantoma


The wives’ and girlfriends are very happy to have their partners
back, minus the fury top lip!

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