Changes to Planit Software Update Program

With the release of Cabnetware Version 8.3, Planit has released a new system for software updates and a revision to the update system already in place for Cabinet Vision to make them the same

For both Cabinet Vision V5 onwards & Cabnetware Version 8.3 there will be a “Software Update Program” that will include the following,

Software Version Update

Access to World Wide E Support Forum for 12 months

Direct access to All Point Releases for 12 months

In line with this change we have also reviewed the prices to reflect what we believe to be a fairer system for all, where the cost will now be relevant to the level of the product you have and therefore the number of new features you benefit from.
These prices are,

CW EDGECAM | Designer & CW Case Planner

CV Solid Essential & CV Solid Standard            $ 600 + GST

CW Detailer & CW Cabworks

CV Solid Advanced & CV Solid Ultimate             $ 900 + GST

CV Solid Standard S2M                                          $1200 + GST

CW Detailer S2M & CW Cabworks S2M

CV Solid Advanced & CV Solid Ultimate S2M     $ 1500 + GST

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