Justin saved nearly $3,000 on his first Job with Cabinet Vision

Justin Massarotto from Empire Cabinetmakers recently completed his first job using Cabinet Vision with his new Anderson flatbed router.

Empire Cabinetmakers is a small company where Justin is involved in all aspects of its operation. He had been having the usual dramas with unreliable cabinet makers and wayward apprentices. Justin needed to streamline things so that he was less reliant on the efforts of others. He does a mixture of jobs ranging from commercial and builders work through to solid timer renovations and high end kitchens. He needed software that provided as much flexibility and he could get and was able to grow with him as his business developed.

Justin knew that with Cabinet Vision he would take a while to learn some of the more advanced features available but he recognised very quickly that all of the other programs he evaluated would “run out of steam” when challenged with some of the more detailed work he was doing.

The first job he tackled with Cabinet Vision was a curved kitchen.

Being meticulous by nature, Justin wanted to measure how well all this new technology was performing was and how it was going to impact his business.

He knew how long things would take using his traditional manufacturing practices and he measured how long things took on this – his very first job with Cabinet Vision and his new router.

These are the results:-

Method Men Old
Way Hrs
CV and
Hrs Saving
Hrs Saving
Approx Dollar
Set out 1 8 6 2 2 $140
Cutlist 1 2 0 2 2 $140
Material list 1 1.5 0 1.5 1.5 $105
Door List (Order In) 1 1.5 0.5 1  1  $70
Cutting and drilling 1 16 2.75 13.25 13.25 $928
Assembly (1 Trade + 1 Apprentice) 1.5 48 34 14 21 $1,470
Total   77 43.25 33.75 40.75 2,853

Notes on Justin’s first job:

1) Charge out rate $70 based on averaging the cost of himself, a tradesman and an apprentice.
2) This was the first job – the Cabinet Vision set out time will improve.
3) Assembly times will improve as workers get used to new construction methods.


The combination of Cabinet Vision and Justin’s Anderson Flatbed Router (which is providing cycle times of 7 ½ minutes/sheet) is transforming Justin’s business.

His apprentice has since moved on and from all reports, Justin is in no big hurry to replace him.

Costs are down and productivity is up. No wonder Justin has a nice big smile.

With Cabinet Vision, you can now to enter at four different levels. All levels provide design and cut list functionality starting at $3,950

Three of these levels also have screen to machine capability  (CNC Connectivity) starting at $23,950.

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