Cabinet Vision saves time, materials and money for Milperra joinery company

CGF Joinery of Milperra, New South Wales, has become much more efficient and profitable since adopting Cabinet Vision software from Planit.

The kitchen, cabinet making and joinery company installed Cabinet Vision Solid Ultimate, Version 5, two years ago, after not using any software at all.

“We love it, it’s fantastic,” said proprietor Clem Fama. “From a production point of view, it’s very efficient at looking after our basic cabinetry jobs and means we can complete them quickly, taking much less time than we used to. As a result, it’s also made the business more profitable.”

Clem said that before he got Cabinet Vision, all the work had to be done manually, including drawings and take-offs of material.

“The boys were doing a lot more physical drilling and hands-on stuff. Now the production and shop drawings and cutting lists all come straight from the program.

“Cabinet Vision means that because the software does the work, the machine that’s cutting it does all the work too. This means that the boys are far more efficient on the bench.

“Not only are we saving from a labour point of view, we are also saving money on materials, because we order only what the program tells us to order. So there’s less wastage,” he said.

Planit had been responsive to suggestions coming from CGF Joinery. “We made a few remarks on the software and they actually invited us to a re-launch of the product, which now has new features that cover the things we made comments about.”

Clem said that, from the point of view of a cabinetmaker, Planit had approached the software product in the right way.

“They’ve been innovative with the features that they’re putting into the software, covering different construction methods, because all joiners do things a little differently.

“We find that Cabinet Vision tends to look after all our little quirks and how we put things together. It gives us the option of working with new construction techniques, so we end up with plenty of choice.

“For example, we’re using Grain Matching, which is going great. It means less work, as we don’t have to physically turn our boards around to match the grains. This is done automatically,” Clem said.

He wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Cabinet Vision product. “If anyone was thinking of using Planit, I would say ‘Go for it’.

“In fact I did just that at a dinner party a few weeks ago to a friend of mine who is a cabinetmaker. He’s in kitchens too and is still doing it all manually.

“I told him that he needs to get this product. I suggested that he come over and have a look at how it has changed our business,” Clem said.

Cabinet Vision has a system for every level, whether you need:

• Solid Essential
• Solid Drafter
• Solid Standard
• Solid Advanced
• Solid Ultimate
• Screen to Machine Standard
• Screen to Machine Advanced
• Screen to Machine Ultimate

Planit’s Cabinet Vision has been an award-winning software tool for woodworking professionals since 1983. The Cabinet Vision Solid product line is widely recognised throughout the woodworking industry. Its solid modelling technology creates true three-dimensional presentations of the final product on-screen, while simultaneously generating the necessary information for the factory floor.

Planit software is easy to set-up. Based on a simple wizard, it allows you to customise the construction method to the way you build your product.

An operator has total control over cabinet sizes, shape, or any construction to suit the customer's needs. Colours and textures can be selected for the whole room or for individual cabinets and parts. Lighting and reflections can be controlled to bring these designs to life well before any manufacturing has begun.

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