Software upgrade builds on big productivity gains of initial investment

Cabinet Vision software from Planit has been a big success story for joinery company MSA Prestige Woodcraft – and is now an even greater triumph since the company upgraded its package to connect to their new flat bed router.

Starting with design, cutlist and panel optimiser functions, MSA Prestige Woodcraft has added screen-to-machine capabilities that allow nested based manufacturing. 

“I find I need less staff, but achieve more output than before,” said Matthew Appino, managing director of the company based in Girraween in Sydney’s west. 

“It’s easier for me and my staff don’t have to work so hard either. Everybody has more time available to help make more sales.

“I taught one operator to draw and to manage the first section of Cabinet Vision, and then to go on to the screen-to-machine module. He’s taken to the software very well and really enjoys it.”

Mr Appino said that MSA Prestige Woodcraft had experienced a “massive improvement” in machining accuracy and materials optimising. 

In the early days, the company used practically no cabinet making software. It found a program on the internet for board optimisation, but the rest was done manually.

Then the company adopted Cabinet Vision from Planit, hugely boosting its efficiency and enjoying a 40 per cent improvement in productivity. The software also gave the company more time to focus on clients and to continually improve its customer service.

Cabinet Vision allowed MSA Prestige Woodcraft to take on additional work and to get apprentices more involved with jobs, further contributing to productivity. The company was able to cut right back on overtime worked.

MSA Prestige Woodcraft was getting work out faster and more efficiently, was more competitive and didn’t need to raise its prices.

The latest screen-to-machine software implementation has enhanced that trend. 

“I’d recommend the upgrade to anybody. In fact I would suggest that anyone who doesn’t upgrade within five years simply won’t be able to compete. I truly believe that,” Mr Appino said.

Engineered wholly and solely for the woodworking industry, Planit software is a screen-to-machine software. For those workshops automating their businesses with CNC equipment, Planit software is fully integrated with the Planit CNC centre, therefore providing a complete screen-to-machine solution that confirms all parts and part operations before sending data to the factory.

Planit software is easy to set-up for the building of cabinets using favourite joinery techniques. Based on a simple wizard, it allows the creation of unlimited set-ups, mixes various settings per job and changes from one style to another instantly and allows saving of the construction methods for use over and over again.

An operator can customise cabinet sizes, shape, or any construction to suit the customer's needs. Colours and textures can be selected for the whole room or for individual cabinets and parts. Lighting and reflections can be controlled to bring these designs to life well before any manufacturing has begun.

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