How To Assign A Tool ( Tool Override ) To A Particular Material When In S2M Centre

When you are using a certain material & would like to assign a particular tool to that material, you have the ability to do this through S2M Centre.
Firstly come into S2M Centre, click on Edit Mode & Change from Parts to Materials.
Now select the material that you would like to assign a particular tool to, i.e. 16mm White HMR.
Right click on this material & you will notice some options are now available, select Properties, then select the Tool Tab on the top right hand side.
You now can select all the tools that are in your toolbox & assign one of these tools to your material.
When you close out of there & have pressed okay, you should now notice a little green tool assigned to that material & this is the indication that this material now has a tool override applied to it.
To remove the tool override simply right click on the material & select remove Tool override.

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