Service update

There have been quite a few changes taking place during the past few months in the Services Team, with the introduction of regularly scheduled Fundamental Training courses, monthly Webinars and the ongoing process of conducting tailored training in our training rooms and onsite integrations.

Webinars are being conducted on a monthly basis with an ever increasing number of customers attending these, they are proving to be a great success. A big thank you to all of our customers who have taken the time to attend these online, for those of you yet to attend please keep your eye out on our website & register for the next one;  

At the last Services meeting an excursion took place to get everyone out of their normal day to day routine & get them onto a different focus.

Knowing what to aim for, being clear on the objective  and doing our best to achieve a great result!

With Shannon O’brien and David Carr taking a long weekend to go down to the Ski fields, the rest of the team took the opportunity to go Ten Pin Bowling, it was proven that the more mature members of the services team had to right approach to win the game.

Onto another member of our team, Peter Carr who finished full time employment with us back in April to start a career with the NSW Fire Brigade.

Peter has now successfully completed an intensive 16 week training course and is now back helping out where and when he can on a part time basis.

We have and always will be actively working on improving the methods and ways we can help our Customers, this is an ongoing process.

You will be hearing a lot more in the coming weeks and months on our new Customer Care program, another way we are striving to exceed your expectations.

Services excursion to Ten Pin bowling


Action Shots: Leigh Swalling           Tony Vella

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