The developers behind Manager have been working with actual user feedback and are proud to release the new generation R5 (Release 5) upgrade, making the changes more specific to the working environment.

An evolution of Manager 2007, Release 5 contains numerous enhancements to existing functionality, including new features to improve productivity, better centralisation of data management and innovative additions such as File Notes, Bring Ups and file references ...

Highlighting some of the major new features in detail:

1. Mobile Scanning
2. File Notes, Bring Ups & File References
3. New Production Module
4. Module Maintenance


The first phase of Mobile Batch Scanning is now available for onsite workers, enabling them to scan the same paperwork as factory workers do. This eliminates the need for manual time sheets and provides more accurate, timely information. This small and lightweight device is equipped with memory that can store more than 5,000 bar-codes and times. With a weight of less than 30 grams, it can be taken anywhere.

Using the OPN2001 is straightforward. No special training is needed as users only need to press a trigger key to operate, connect the USB cable to the computer and the Manager Mobile Scanning software does the rest. The battery is also charged using the USB cable.

The first unit sells for $460 plus GST which includes the Manager Mobile Scanning software and additional units sell for $360 each plus GST, a small price to pay for accuracy.
This is just the start of mobile scanning for Manager with development already underway on higher level remote and factory scanners for more productivity.



With the addition of File Notes, Manager R5 users can record against Manager events & any relevant happenings for that event.

These typically include, Quote follow ups, conversations with suppliers regarding back orders or even employee reviews.

In the process of making a file note, any future actions can be set, with bring ups being emailed by Notifier, or available to users as needed.

Manager R5 users can now record all files that relate to a Manager entity. These include, jobs - where specifications, client correspondence etc, may be stored and materials, where material safety data sheets can be recorded for later reference. Manager R5 can also automatically create folder paths on the creation of new jobs, materials and work orders.



The Production Module has had a makeover. The development team behind Manager have added a raft of productivity enhancements as well as improving usability.

Support for MS Project 2010 has been added, while exporting to and importing from MS Project has been significantly enhanced.
As an additional R5 time saving feature, labour can now be added directly from imported production files into the Production Module. Work orders no longer need to be created from Estimates, simply to have the labour.


To make maintenance of modules easier, and to check consistency across a range of modules, Manager R5 now has a module maintenance screen.

The screen shows all modules in a range, all labour and all materials. Users can edit the name or quantities directly with a simple double click it will invoke the module properties dialogue for editing. Additionally, users can re-factor labour on a task by task basis across the entire range with a single operation.
A new Maintenance operation also allows users to re-factor labour for a labour task across all modules. This will make it easier for trends identified in manager reporting to be implemented.

For further information on Manager please contact 02 9544 8815 or email

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