What’s New in Cabnetware 2011 R1


  = Cabnetware Ultimate (Formerly Cabnetworks)

  = Cabnetware Advanced (Formerly Detailer)

  = Cabnetware Standard (Formerly Case Planner)

  = EDGECAM | Designer

Pull Outs are separated from the Drawer box files.


Pull Outs can have Hardware linked as:
  • Stock Hardware sides
  • Stock material length sides
  • Custom material length sides
  • Up to ten stock lengths can be used

Up to 8 Pull Outs within a section can be individually modified as to the Pull Out file assigned.

Drawer box files now have ten lengths for stock sizes and hardware.


End panels can be adjusted to the rear now.


  • Finished Ends
  • Paneled Ends
  • Applied Paneled Ends
  • Laminated Ends

Finished end types come in reading the Construction file adjustment and it can be changed via Cabinet Modify,
Left or Right end.

Enhanced Cabinet Pull Locator placement functions.

  • Move the locator by dragging or use an X,Y entry box
  • Delete the locator
  • Change the locator ID #
  • Change the locator from Vertical to Horizontal
  • Mirror the locator around the Vertical and Horizontal axis

Multi Cross Section.

  • Copy/Paste a shaped part within a cabinet or between cabinets and rooms
  • Shaped parts can reference each break point to a corner or mid point of the part size
  • Shaped parts pasted to a different size part will resize based on the reference points
  • Shapes can be mirrored Vertically or Horizontally
  • Cutouts on shaped parts can be moved
  • Cutouts on shaped parts can be duplicated
  • Door and Drawer pulls can be moved or deleted individually
  • Resize other jointed pieces when the anchor piece is moved
  • Allows resizing of cabinets with saved Multi Cross Sections
  • Full Section Openings now make a joint with Slab type doors and drawer fronts

New Dynamic method of saving Multi Cross Section changes that are retained with subsequent size changes of the cabinet and section details.

  • Joint changes are retained
  • Shaped parts are retained
  • Added parts are retained
  • Material changes are retained
  • Within a room any items not changed will fluctuate with room default or cabinet modifications
  • Changes can be saved to the Cabinet Catalog

Cabinet door and drawer front pulls/handles can now be linked with a 3D Object pull.

  • This will allow more than one 3D pull to be displayed on different doors and drawers in the same room.
  • New display option to turn on / off the 3D pull display on elevation

Support for the Enabler products using the Planit key.

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