Cabnetware 2011 Release 1

Planit are excited to announce the release of Cabnetware 2011 Release 1.  Cabnetware 2011 R1 was released at the IWF show in Atlanta in late August, 2010.

As the name suggests new Versions will now be known by the year they are featured. Plus there will now be 2 major releases per year giving Planit customers who purchase the update new features every 6 months. Doing this allows for a quick turn around in feature requests as well as the end user getting more sooner.

Cabnetware product levels have also received a name change,

Cabnetware Ultimate replaces Cabnetworks

Cabnetware Advanced replaces Detailer

Cabnetware Standard replaces Case Planner

EDGECAM | Designer remains the same.

The first release of Cabnetware 2011 R1 has around 30 new features including some of the following,
  • In Multi Cross Section, shaped parts can be Copied and Pasted within a cabinet or between cabinets or between rooms
  • In Multi Cross Section, Shapes can be mirrored, moved and duplicated
  • End Panel adjustment added on backedge
  • Enhanced Cabinet Handle locator functions
  • Pull-outs can now have Hardware assigned, Stock and Custom material lengths plus be modified individually
  •  In Multi Cross Section, Joints, Shaped Parts, Added Parts and Material changes can be retained when room defaults or cabinet information and sizes change
  • Plus many more

To view “What’s New” features list click here

Cabnetware 2011 Release 2 will be due out early in 2011 and promises to give many more great new features an is included in the initial update for customer who purchase Release 1.

In conjunction with the Cabnetware 2011 R1 is the release of S2M 2011 R1 with 20 new features including,

  • 6th Face nesting
  • New True Shape nesting program
  • Additional cutting strategies and controls for Nesting
  • Plus many more

To view “What’s New” features list click here

In the coming weeks Planit will be conducting Seminars for customers to come and view the new features and see how they can help your business. These will be followed by training days to help users update their systems and practice the new features.
Email sales@au.planit.comfor a quotation on updating to Cabnetware R2011and/ or S2M Centre.

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