You should only have to purchase your software once

   When Charlie Russo from Frontline Interiors in Malaga, Western Australia was evaluating software for his new flatbed router he was under the false impression that Cabinet Vision was only suitable for Kitchens. Consequently, he did not have the opportunity to have a look at what it could do. Instead, he spent $70,000 on a package that was fully of glitz, glamour and promises but unfortunately fell way short on delivery.

The whole experience turned into one big nightmare. Frontline specialise in shop fitting and commercial fit outs.

The work can be quite detailed and the software needed to be extremely flexible. The salesman was shown examples of the work Frontline did and he assured them that his software could do the job.

An order was placed and then the problems started. The software installation and training was rescheduled a number of times, eventually happening some four weeks after the flatbed was commissioned. The software integrator was on-site for two weeks before the first part was cut and that was only after many run-ins with the machinery technician and finger pointing. Frontline then started to use the software and that’s when the problems really started. Parts looked OK graphically but were coming out incorrect on the CNC.

Changes to construction methods were not coming through and basic drawer systems were all wrong. Nested parts were coming out on top of each other and a simple thing like change the thickness of a material or using a different edge banding material could not be accommodated.

When issues were reported, Frontline were told that they must be doing something wrong and obviously needed more training. So, they paid for another interstate trip because the on-line training being offered was not solving the problems. During the week the trainer was in WA, the majority of his time was spent investigating CNC problems. The help files were in Spanish and calls to the overseas “developer” were of little help. The trainer compiled a list of “support questions” and returned to the eastern states promising to follow up soon.

After weeks of phone calls and emails being ignored, Charlie decided to persevere on his own and make things work. Instead of running his business, he was consumed with software issues. It was costing him big-time. The machine didn’t work properly (the code coming out of the software was wrong), staff morale was down, productivity was going backwards and customers were being let down. It was plain horrible.

A year later and they had gone backwards. They had software that didn’t work and a fantastic new flatbed sitting idle.

All through this period Alan Gibson from waPlanit was calling in from time to time as part of his regular call cycle to Planit customers in the area. Alan had heard about the problems being experienced at Frontline and he knew he had a solution with Cabinet Vision. Knowing that Charlie was feeling very bruised after the nightmare of the last 12 months, waPlanit offered to install Planit on a trial basis provided that Frontline committed to receiving the training. After careful consideration and a very thorough investigation into waPlanit and their support history in WA, Charlie decided to bite the bullet and purchase Cabinet Vision outright.

The team from Frontline attended a four day course at waPlanit’s Woodbridge training centre (near Midland) which was followed up by eight days of on-site integration and training. They were creating sawdust on the first day and the only CNC issues that showed up a week later were due to a couple of machine configuration changes the previous software vendor had requested. Once the machine was restored to its normal configuration, everything worked perfectly.

Shop fitting can be a difficult discipline at the best of times and Charlie realises that there is still a wealth of functionality within Cabinet Vision that his team will unlock with practice and advanced training. The good news is that productivity is now heading in the right direction and that there are no more re-works due to software issues. Charlie is confident that he has now purchased the right software and that local support is just a phone call away.

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