CABINET VISION Webinars are just one feature of Planit's Customer Care and they allow us to continue to deliver value to your business by educating your CABINET VISION users and sharing our knowledge of the software. We are committed to supporting businesses and believe education is key, so be sure to take advantage of this great service and really reap the rewards of being one of Planits Customer Care members.

Our Webinars are held covering a variety of topics based on product features, new functionality and other topics of interest. Webinars are hosted by a member of our services team, who is supported via the online chat option so that attendee's can ask questions along the way. 

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Previous Webinar may have been recorded or turned into our CABINET VISION Tutorials: 

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Webinar Instructions

Our Webinars are a great way for CABINET VISION Users to learn new tips and techniques with their software. 

Emails are sent out during the weeks prior of the webinar to members of Customer Care letting them know the details, including what the topic will be. 

Select the 'Register' link and complete the form. Our team will confirm your current Customer Care contract & approve your registration. Customers will then be sent the link & instructions to join our Webinar. 

On the day of the Webinar click on the link in the approval email to "Join" the Webinar. Follow the instructions to enter the webinar. Ensure you connect to the audio by selecting "Call Using Computer" as this will enable sound.If you require assistance, please use the chat function to let your host know and they will be able to assist. 

For Customer Care Members who may not be receiving our Email Invites, please email via