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Our award-winning 3D presentation software for design professionals, sales reps and account managers that are not 3D rendering experts: kitchen designers, interior designers, woodworkers and architects. Design professionals can user their favorite CAD software to design, and then use VORTEK Spaces to present. Your vision, your ideas and projects deserved to be presented live in a stunning way: live 3D walkthroughs, images, videos, 360 videos, virtual reality (VR) and much more!

Create stunning video walkthroughs of your projects in minutes and share them! 




Watch our Video below as to what you can achieve in VORTEK Spaces

VORTEK Spaces allows you to include 3D Models to give your project another dimension to showcase your design to clients:


Feature of VORTEK Spaces

  • High-Quality Renders
  • Instant material changes
  • High-quality material library
  • Add New Materials easily
  • Live interactive lighting control
  • Live interactive 360 Walk Through's
  • Native touch screens support
  • Create your own camera sequence
  • Annual or 3-month Subscriptions
  • Easy Update process
  • Custom View Points
  • Shareable screen and video capture
  • Easy sharing through email or social networks (including Youtube)
  • Sketch, bloom and other camera effects
  • Fast project import from major design software:
    - SketchUp
    - REVIT
    - …and more!

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Click below to view the different Plan options available with VORTEK Spaces:

windows_store Vortek Spaces - 1 Year Plan

Benefit's of VORTEK Spaces in your business

  • Meet your customer’s imagination and preferences instantly with real-time colour selections
  • Increase your customer’s satisfaction level by presenting their design in a realistic virtual environment
  • Display your products efficiently and effectively
  • Improve your showroom experience by incorporating customer interaction
  • Display several design options, give your presentation more flexibility
  • Add something unique to your customer’s experience
  • Stand out from your competition and catch your target client’s attention
  • Close sales easier by providing your designers a unique and powerful presentation tool


Hear from our Customers:





For CABINET VISION users, simply export your project and import into VORTEK Spaces. Value add to your product offering by expanding how you present designs to your clients. Allow them to take interactive control, by moving around the project and choose materials and colours. 

VORTEK Spaces also automatically updates your drawing based on any updates you make in CABINET VISION. Use the power of CABINET VISION to design and detail your project, and then let VORTEK Spaces showcase your work to your clients. 

Watch how simple it is to Bring a CABINET VISION Project into VORTEK Spaces

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