Photovision 32

Released in 1989, as the innovator of this technology, Planit have continually set the standard for photo quality renderings within the woodworking industry. PhotoVision 32 Architectural Simulation is our latest innovation featuring advanced ray-tracing technology.

Photo Vision examples

With PhotoVision 32, you can create photo-realistic presentation prints in minutes using the latest computer technology. Change floors, wall, counter tops, wood species, stain colors, and more assist your customer in designing their dream layout.

Change lighting and surface texture to illustrate shadows and reflections.

Generate animated walk-thru views to help your customer visualize the final results of their new design.

Scan floor coverings, wallpaper samples, and countertops to show your customers exactly what their room will look like once complete. 

PhotoVision 32 is based on the latest Microsoft Windows technology, allowing your designs to be integrated with other software applications. PhotoVision 32 works with both Cabinet Vision and Cabnetware.


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