Removable Part Labels

In today's environment, manufacturing businesses need to ensure they have effective communication between the office and the factory floor. That is why many of our customers are already using part identification labels to share details of what needs to happen to each part. Planit provides a range of removable label options that are easily printed and applied to parts in the factory, before simply being removed during assembly or installation.

Part Labels allows you to sort your jobs into an efficient order and relay further information to factory staff by including edging information and any special operations that are required for each part. Part labels will help speed up your assembly process by providing all the relevant information right on the part. 

With different labelling options available (including through the S2M report center, or with our Label-IT add-on),  you have the ability to specify what data is presented on the Label to provide easy-to-read part labels for your factory staff.

*Some features may require certain levels of S2M Center

Planit offers a range of Labels to be purchased. Please see our Online Store for more information. 


8 Per Page Label

Rolls of Labels

The latest technology of machines has built-in labelling options, including onboard labelling. Manufacturing businesses are also choosing to install label printers right at the machine, to allow machine operators to easily print labels right at the machine. Improve efficiency at the machine with rolls of labels for a quick & easy application. 

Roll Labels available:

  • Roll Size 1 - (Label Size = 74mm x 102mm – 25mm Core) - 1000 Labels Per Roll
  • Roll Size 2 - (Label Size = 80mm x 80mm – 38 mm Core) - 1000 Labels Per Roll
  • Roll Size 3 - (Label Size = 80mm x 80mm – 78 mm Core) - 1000 Labels Per Roll
  • Other sizes avaiable on request - please contact our office


8 Per Page Label

Standard A4 Page Labels

The most common option is to print removable labels on an A4 sheet, normally eight labels per page. Typically, the labels will be printed out in the office in optimised order, with pages numbered which are taken into the workshop to be applied to the cut components by cross checking with printed patterns.

A4 Page Labels available:

  • A4 8 per page labels (Label Size = 74mm x 105mm) - 1000 sheets per box
  • A4 16 per page labels (Label Size = 34mm x 99mm) - 1000 sheets per box

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