Our labelling solutions provide information on each part, which allows you to sort your jobs into an efficient order, which will speed up the assembly process. Also, have the ability to relay further information to factory staff by including edging information and any special operations that are required for each part.

With full Label designing capabilities, you have complete control over what data is presented on the Label to provide easy-to-read part labels for your factory staff.

There are different labelling methods to choose from:

Removable Labels

The most common option is to print removable labels from within S2M Center. These may be on an A4 sheet, normally 8 or 16 labels per page, or via a roll using a label printer. Typically, the labels will be printed out in the office in optimised order, with reference numbered to be applied to the cut components by cross checking with printed patterns. Our Online Store stocks our full range of manufacturing labels, providing a convenient way to order your labels. 



Label-IT™ technology enables the machine operator to clearly visualise the panel, print the labels “on-demand” at the machine, and then simply place them on the parts.

By adding a touchscreen PC at your machine, you have the ability to print individual labels for each part. Labels are printed instantly, and the screen is updated automatically to show exactly which parts and panels have been completed. In conjunction with the S2M Center, you can easily add barcodes for each part that requires secondary machining for an easy flow from one process to the next.

This labelling system is ideal for Nested-based manufacturing as well as traditional manual and NC panel saws.

Label IT Screenshot
*Requires S2M Center

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Real Time Labels

Many newer generation nesting machines include their own onboard “real-time” labelling systems. The Real-Time Label Solution add-on will allow you to design your part with all of the available information you need to communicate with the factory; including an image of the part. These “labels” are then converted to image files which can be printed in “real-time” utilising your machines’ built-in Labelling system.

Label Example
*Requires S2M Center

Click here to order removable labels from Planit
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