Job Phasing

Sometimes you find the need to begin processing the parts on a job before all the room designs are signed off on by the customer. The Manufacturing program has a feature called Job Phasing to deal with this easily.

You already know about the ability to select certain rooms for creating partial cutlists. This method will create a single cutlist and CNA file that will be overwritten when you select a different set of rooms.

When you use the Job Phasing feature, you can have multiple ‘sub jobs’ comprising the single main jobs multiple room layouts.

To start using Job Phasing, go to File Setup Preferences – Cutlist and check the box to Allow Job Phasing.

Now when you go to Options Cutlist you will have the ability to check the Job Phasing check box.

After selecting Master, Batched, Individual or Custom, you’ll see the box to set up the Cutlist Phasing.

Select New Phase and type in a name for the phase. Click OK.

Select the rooms you want to process in the phase. Then click Print, Edit or File.

To process another set of rooms, repeat the process. Choose New Phase again, supply a name and select a different set of rooms. You can do this as many times for as many phases needed. Once you start phasing a particular job, you will need to continue using phasing on that job.

The cutting list and CNA file will be comprised of the rooms selected in each phase. In CW CNC Center you will have each phase selectable as a job to import and merge with a template set. Note each phase has a unique Name. The Job name in S2M Center for each phase will be the job name as saved in the Cabnetware cutlist program.

When creating subsequent new phases, modifying a phase or re-running a phase, you may see this message when generating the parts list. (This shows a modified Phase 1 message).

This is just to let you know that you’ve already generated the cutlist for the displayed rooms and you might want to re consider the phase setting to avoid duplication.

The Job Phasing feature is available in Cabnetware Ultimate and Advanced only 

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