How to create a Revision Cloud

Sometimes you need a way to have a drawing revision or some text stand out on your drawings. While Cabnetware doesn’t have a proprietary ‘Revision Cloud’, there are a couple of ways to accomplish this.

The idea is to start with a CAD Polyline and draw an approximation of what you want the cloud to look like. Draw it at the place you intend to use it and at the size that will be needed.

Next modify the segment shapes. You can use Arcs, Curves or S-Curves.

You can now place a text block over the cloud.

This kind of cloud can only be used once and is fixed in position. You can however, re-use the cloud, if you do a region capture of the item and save it as an image file. There are numerous capture programs available. Some are free and Windows 7 has a ‘Snipping Tool’ provided that works well for this purpose.

Once you have saved the image, you can use the CAD – Image…feature to surround an area and select the saved cloud image.

Draw a surrounding rectangle.

Select the saved image.

Once you place the Image, choose Modify from the <RB> menu and check Stretch to Fit. This will allow you to stretch the cloud to surround the area you want to highlight.

If the cloud image is used on an elevation it will act as an obscuring cloud. This might be useful for putting a text block over some details without interference.

The cloud image can also be used in Multi Draw, although you might find it more convenient to use a cloud that is drawn as a Detail. Add a text block to the cloud detail and then use it in Multi Draw. This type of detail will not obscure the elevation line view snapshots.

In Multi Draw, select the cloud detail from Tools – Graphics – Details, and place it on the page. The Detail can then be stretched and moved. The embedded text block can be edited too.

This method of making and using clouds is available in all recent versions of Cabnetware to some extent. All features are available in Ultimate.

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