Estimating - Editing Line Items

It’s time for a look at another part of the Estimating program in Cabnetware.

We’ll look at the Edit Line Items function.

When running a Proposal the first screen that comes up is the setup screen for the current job. The option to select a Price list to use is here. The price list can be applied to all rooms in the job, or individual rooms can have any price list assigned. To use the same price list for all rooms in the job just leave the Setup Room: set to All Rooms and select the price list to use. The Markups/Discounts assigned will be for all rooms too. Note you can still choose all or selected rooms to run the proposal on in the Select Room area on the right.

If you scroll down in the Setup Room box and select a specific room, you can select a different price list and a set of Markups/Discounts to use with each room if desired.

When you select the Edit Line Items button, it calculates the quantities of items in the room and displays them.

In this mode you can add new lines. Click a spot on the list and hit the Add button. This opens up a new line you can type a comment in. This can be useful for adding line items that are not part of the normal Bid form or cabinet/accessory listings. Here I show some added Comment lines that will print on the proposal.

You can also add new lines that are pricing lines. Click on the down arrow next to Comment and choose the Method for that line item. Each, Lin. Ft or Sq. Ft. This is where you can enter Quantities and names for items not normally priced automatically. You can also add or delete the Applicables (Markups/Discounts).

You can review the cabinet quantities and costs and make adjustments on those line items too.

The Price Lists can also have the extra Pricing items added to it so all you need to do is edit the quantity when running the proposal. Add these items in File - Setup - Pricing – Price List.

When printing or editing the proposal, the added line items and quantities are expressed in the calculations.

After the first time the proposal is generated, if you choose to run it again and choose Edit, you will be prompted to Edit Existing or Edit New. If you Edit Existing, it will bring up exactly what you had entered before. You can then change the line items and print it again. If you have added or deleted anything in the job, in order for it to recalculate those items you will need to use the Edit (or Print) New button. Previous edits will be abandoned.

This process is available in all current Cabnetware manufacturing programs.

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