Default Textures

When designing a room of cabinets, before the customer has confirmed the color scheme, you can pre-select a suite of textures to use as a default. This set of textures can be set up in File Setup Preferences – Rendering. Click the Room Textures button to select the default set of textures for any new room. These settings are saved in a file named ‘Scene.ini’ that is found in the run directory of the program. Here is an example of some default settings for the Frame program.

You might want a markedly different set of default textures when designing a room of Euro cabinets. Here is an example set of default textures for Euro.

Because normally both the Frame and Euro version run from the same set of program files, having a different set of default textures needs a little trick to happen. Remember, I mentioned the texture settings in Scene.ini were saved in the ‘run directory’. Knowing this, all you need to do is set up one of the programs to use a different of program files than the other. To do this, simply create a new folder for the program files. Using Windows Explorer, create a New folder with a name of your choosing. In this case I used the folder name StartEuro. Put this folder in parallel with the existing run directory.

Next, copy all the files, not the folders, from the existing run directory. This would be, for example, C:\Planit\Cabware_9_0. Paste them into the new folder, i.e. StartEuro.

The next step is to create a new shortcut to start the Euro program with.

Click the mouse [RB] on a blank area of the desktop. Pick New – Shortcut and fill out the information. Fill the Target line out with the path to the new folder but keep the path to the INI file set to the original folder. Like this:

C:\Planit\Cabware_9_0\StartEuro\Ltw32.exe C:\Planit\Cabware_9_0\CabwareE.ini Provide a name for the Shortcut.

New shortcut.

You can also just edit the existing shortcut. Do a [RB] click on the icon. Choose Properties and edit the Target line as appropriate.

Now when starting a New Frame room it will show its texture defaults.

A New Euro room, starting from the new folder, shows a different texture set.

This method can be used until we get a pick list of pre-defined room default texture sets. It is valid for the stand alone Manufacturing, (Advanced or Ultimate), and Cabnetware Drafter versions. It won’t work if you are using a Launch list or running the combined frame and euro version.

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