Use of Snap Marks

Q:  I need to add a second Wall exactly 50 inches away from another Wall.  Is there a precise way to do this?

A:  Yes, using Snap Marks can accomplish this.

1)  First make sure that the Snap to Marks icon is turned on (light blue background) at the lower right Task Bar.

2)  Now place the first Wall and then go to Measure Tools \ Snap Marks.

3)  Left click on the front of the first Wall (which creates a Snap Mark) and move down 50 inches and left click again to place the second Snap Mark.

4)  You now see that you have two Snap Marks on the view.  Place the second Wall starting at the second Snap Mark and you are done.

5)  To prove the distance is accurate, go to Measure Tools \ Measure.

 6)  Using the Measure Tool, draw a line from corner to corner to prove it is 50 inches.

7)  To Delete the Snap Marks, right click on the screen to Properties and click the Reset Ruler option.


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