Quick Access Toolbar

Quick Tip - using the Quick Access Toolbar

When you are inside a job, notice the upper left corner of the screen is the Quick Access Toolbar.  This allows you to quickly access several options (going from left to right in the Red outlined area):

The Solid Button gives you access to several features and the system Preferences.

The New job icon (sheet of paper) allows you to start a new job.

The Open job icon (manilla folder) allows you to open an existing job.

The Floppy Disc icon allows you to Save the job you are working on.

The Printer icon allows you to Print the current screen.

The Back Arrow allows you to Undo one or more actions you have taken on the screen.

The Front Arrow allows you to Redo one or more actions you have taken on the screen.

The small Drop Down Arrows allow you to customize the position of the Quick Access Toolbar and to Hide the Ribbonbar.

I hope this information will help make your design experience quicker and easier

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