The Designer is an affordable software solution for any business that is looking for a new way to showcase their projects and wants to impress their clients through providing a unique experience
This powerful combination of CABINET VISION Solid Drafter, inclusive with a ready-to-go database, including lights & objects catalogues, together with Vortek Spaces, will provide a business with all the tools required to present and clearly communicate designs, impress clients, win more jobs, and save time doing it!

Don't just create a Design for your Client, create an Experience!

The Desginer package is about bringing industry leading brands togther to give businesses the right tools for the job. 

Flexibility is fundamental, with custom cabinet editing and choice of presentation methods, allowing your design to easily take shape. The Designer includes the ability to import 3D Sketch-Up Models, produce high-quality renders, virtual walk-throughs to impress your clients. 

Impressive Presentations without Compromising on Time



Cabinet Vision Optimizer




Cabinet Vision Optimizer



Cabinet Vision Optimizer Free Trial



Key Elements of The Designer

Producing your Design in Cabinet Vision, including Photo Realistic Renders

Create a Complete walk-through of your design with Vortek Spaces. 

Easily Custimse your cabinets to suit
your design

Have access to an expanded catalogue of finishes and furnishings


Package Includes:
  • CABINET VISION Solid Drafter
  • Vortek Spaces - 12-Month subscription
  • 12 month Customer Care - including support, online forums and updates
  • 1 x CV Drafter Online Course - 6 Day Online Course learning about how Cabinet Vision works whilst we work with you to setup your system
  • Expanded catalogues to add detail & depth to your design
  • Additional Integration Time to customise your system and further education specific to you

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Check out our latest CABINET VISION Tutorials
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