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Features of The Business Solution

The Business Solution is powered by industry leading software brands Cabinet Vision and S2M Center. This package uses Solid Standard (Cabinet Vision) to drive the drawing and detailing side of projects, and S2M Standard (S2M Center) to power the generation of CNC code and the communication with the machine.  

The Business Solution is supported by Planit's Customer Care and Integration Plan. Our philosophy is based on ensuring our team helps you transition your businesses processes smoothly to incorporate your new software and ensure your business operates efficiently and effectively. 

Click on the header below to see a expanded feature list of the different elements of The Business Solution.

Solid Standard

Solid Standard is Cabinet Vision's 2nd Level. Solid Standard will allow your staff to automatically generate your shop drawings, 3D renders, cutting lists, material requirements, basic estimating and so much more. 

Features in Solid Standard include:

  • Create Multiple Rooms in the one project, helping keep projects organised
  • Create Plan, Elevation and 3D Renders for presenting project to clients
  • Create Materials, allowing you to have your specific range of materials within the program
  • Greater CAD features in the drawing page, providing the ability to add further details for clients and factory staff
  • User Created Standards allow Planit to provide you with greater opportunities to have design detail such as Shadow Line
  • Customise Construction methods
  • Produce Material Summary reports to streamline your ordering processes
  • Generate elevation cross section views

Click on one of the following images to see more of Solid Standard

Solid Standard Plan View Solid Standard Elevation View Solid Standard Render View Solid Standard - Material Summary ReportCabinet View - Solid Standard - Cabinet Vision

S2M Standard

S2M Standard is the 2nd level of S2M Center. S2M Standard gives users the flexibility they need to effectively communicate engineering data directly with your CNC. S2M Standard can communicate directly with all major machinery brands sold in Australia. 


Features in S2M Standard include:

  • Add operations to parts
  • Change Banding on parts
  • Integrated Simple Part Labels (Eg: 8 per page labels)
  • First Pass Offset machine strategies (onion skin)
  • Linked Part Outlines machine strategies (also referred to as Stay-Down Nest)
  • Small Part Handling capabilities 
  • The ability to add Pockets & Cut Outs to parts
  • Batch Process DXF files
  • Edit Part Shapes
  • Set-up V-Bit tools
  • Optimise Gang Drill Operations

Click on any of the following images to see more of S2M Standard

S2M Standard - Nested Pattern

Customer Care and Integration

Planit's Customer Care is our customer support program, designed to provide customers with a wide range of options to ensure your business has the best support available. 

Customer Care Includes:

  • Access to Planit's Help Desk for easy access to our support team and getting your question answered
  • Customer Service Time - our technicians have the ability to start an online session with you to see exactly what you are doing and provide assistance to achieve the results you are aiming for
  • Software Updates to ensure you are using the latest in global technology
  • Access to webinars for convenient ways to build your knowledge and skills
  • Access to Planit Tech Day's giving you the ability to spend time with one of our technicians
  • Licence Protection to ensure your investment has protection against any unforeseen accidents
  • eSupport gives you access to a global forum of users and technicians 

Planit's Customer Care is an Annual Contract for 12 months. At the end of your first year, our team will contact you to discuss what type of support you need. 


Investing in software can be a costly and timely exercise, so you need to ensure that you reap the maximum benefit from your investment. Software integration is not just about loading the software on to your PC’s, but also looks at your manufacturing process to ensure you gain the most from your investment when implementing our software.  Our philosophy is to provide our customers with the knowledge they need to utilise the software properly to gain the best return on investment possible. 


Features of Add-On Options

Part of the flexibility of The Business Solution is 

Please contact your machinery supplier to determine which link will best suit your saw:

MDF Door Maker:

MDF Door Maker

MDF Door Maker allows you to custom create and output multiple tooling instructions for virtually any MDF door style to S2M Center. Complete CNC instructions for machining the doors are created automatically from the create of each door style. 


Grain Matching:

Grain Matching ExampleNeed Grain Match capability? This add-on integrates into Solid Standard, allowing you to grain match both vertically and horizontally for one cabinet or a group of cabinets



TrueShape Nesting:

TrueShape Nesting exampleThe TrueShape Nesting option is a geometric nesting solution which optimises rectangular and irregular shaped parts together. Parts are rotated into position interlocking shapes together to maximise material yield. This add-on also allows you to nest parts inside of other parts for maximum yield. Take advantage of all the S2M Center features including Onion Skins, Return Onion Skins and Bridging...


Label IT:

Label ITOur Label IT technology enables the machine operator to clearly visualise the panel, print the labels 'on-demand' at the machine, and then simply place them onto the parts. 

By adding a touchscreen PC at your machine, you have the ability to print individual labels for each part. Labels are printed instantly, and the screen is updated automatically to show exactly which parts & panels have beem completed. In conjunction with S2M Center you can easily add bar-codes for each part that requires secondary machining, for easy flow from one process to the next. 


Additional Rental Licence:

Receive a 12 month Rental Licence of Solid Standard to allow you to have multiple users designing and detailing projects. Projects created with your additional licence can be opened by your master licence and prepared ready for sending to the CNC.


Upgrade to Solid Advanced:

Upgrade to Solid AdvancedUpgrade Solid Standard to Solid Advanced, and increase your designing and detailing possibilities with importing sketch up items, cabinet shaping, expanded quoting options and much more. This option requires purchasing an additional onsite day for $1000 (+GST)


Don’t take our word for it, hear what our customers say about our software!


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