Planit are excited to offer you The Business Solution - the ideal screen-to-machine solution for businesses wanting to streamline their operations, increase throughput and add automation to their manufacturing. Our software gives you greater ability to meet market demand and maintain your business's growth rate with the power of Cabinet Vision and S2M Center.
The flexibility and simplistic approach of The Business Solution makes it ideal for businesses in today’s competitive environment. In addition, your investment is supported by Planit's national and global support networks, meaning you can have confidence that you are making the right decision. 



Cabinet Vision Optimizer



Cabinet Vision Optimizer Free Trial



Cabinet Vision Optimizer




Key Features

Be able to produce 3D Renders to present designs to your clients
Be able to seamlessly connect to your CNC and send your design straight to your machine
Detail your job including adding cutouts, cabinet editing and apply shadowlines 
Benefit from S2M Center's intelligent machine strategies including first pass offset
Have greater control of your drilling to ensure they are accurately placed every time 
Tailor the solution to your needs with add-on options available to help advance your manufacturing




Package Includes

  • Solid Standard + S2M Standard
  • Online Sessions to install your software + connect to your machine
  • 12 month Customer Care
  • 1 x CV Standard Online Course - 5 Day Online Course learning about how Cabinet Vision works whilst we work with you to setup your system
  • 1 Day of Onsite allows us to spend 1-on-1 time helping you customise your system further and ensure a smooth integration of the software into your business.
  • One of the following options*

Optional Inclusions

When purchasing The Business Solution, choose to include one of the following options to tailor the solution to your business needs:

  • Upgrade to Solid Advanced*
  • Solid Standard Additional 12-Month Rental Licence

  • Factory Labelling System*

  • MDF Door Maker (inc 5 common Door Styles);
  • True Shape Nesting
  • Grain Matching
  • Onboard Labelling




Additional Training Required*


Software To Grow Your Business

The Business Solution Features

The Business Solution provides businesses with functionality that provides flexibility and that are tailored to their needs & requirements.

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*Package includes ONE ONLY of the listed options. Other options can be added at full RRP
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