Solid Ultimate

Solid Ultimate gives you the complete set of tools to engineer “your” product exactly as you need it.

Solid Ultimate- High end Kitchens and Detailed Commercial

Ultimate is the highest step in the Planit range giving you the most flexibility & functionality.

Ultimate enables any high-end joinery, woodworking or cabinetmaker to fully automate and integrate its design through to manufacturing processes (with Screen-to-Machine); saving time, eliminating costly mistakes and increasing productivity. 

Design and detail all your jobs using advanced solid modelling technology. Ultimate automatically generates your detailed drawings, 3D customer renderings, cutting lists, material requirements and estimating data.

As Cabinet Vision’s Ultimate tool, while most of the add-on features are already included, there are still options when it comes times to add on additional features.

Solid Ultimate - Detailed Commercial FitoutHigh Detailed Kitchen in Cabinet Vision

Key Features of Solid Ultimate

  • Extensive design views & job information including floor plan , elevation, exploded view, photo rendering, job estimating, material & parts list
  • Advanced Pricing & Quoting functionality, such as pricing by material and cabinet, as well as labour reports.
  • Quick & easy cabinet editing with openings, doors, drawers, shelving & divisions
  • Advanced cabinet shaping with the power of constraints
  • Create photo realistic renderings with shadows & reflections using Photo Vision
  • Move with design trends:
    • door & drawer front style definition
    • curved, cathedral, vaulted,
      peninsula walls, layout t-walls 
      (stub walls) and double sided walls
    • display appliance, fixtures & fittings
  • User defined intelli-joints gives parts greater intelligence
  • Superior CAD Functionality
  • Import Sketch-up ® Models & DXF files
  • Complete control of all details of the cabinet hardware, materials, changing construction settings, door styles and more
  • User Custom Scripting & Object Tree give you full control & customisation over your job
  • Add on CNC functionality

Download a Solid Ultimate Brochure

Curved Counter in Cabinet VisionCommercial Kiosk in Cabinet VIsion

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