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Setup Capabilities
Construction Configuration Wizard
Frame & Frameless Construction Styles
32mm System Construction Style
Import & Export Construction Methods
Door/Drawer Front Configuration
End Panel Configuration
Create Door Inside & Outside Profiles
Create Door Raised Panel Profiles
Drawer Box Construction Configuration
Create Counter Top Edge Profiles
Create Custom Room Molding Profiles
Interior Material Specification
Exterior Material Specification
Typical Hardware Specification
User Created Standards
Import & Export User Created Standards                                                    To Top
Floor Plans
Counter Top
3D Perspectives
Order Entry
Bird's Eye
Split Screen
Drawings Page w/ Modifications
Drawings Page w/ User-Defined Layers
Assembly-Cross Sections
Wall Cross Section
Horizontal Cross Section
Zoom In & Out
Construction Detail
Window Detail
Entry Door Detail
Floor Detail
View Screen Grids
Architectural Door Hinging (Elevation)
Render Lighting
Render Textures                                                                                           To Top
Room Layout
Straight Walls
Inside Angle Walls
Outside Angle Walls
Curved Walls
Automatic Wall Angle Calculator
Pony Walls
Island Walls
Peninsula Walls
Adjustable Soffit
Place Objects on Front or Back of Walls
Multiple Fast Fills of Cabinets
Architectural Wall Hatching                        
Wall Height Adjustments
Wall Length Adjustments
Wall Thickness Adjustments
Add Windows & Doors During Wall Design
Add Windows & Doors After Wall Design
Delete Walls After Wall Design
Modify Window and Door Size
Modify Wall Angle
Move Walls
Move Windows
Move Doors
Cathedral & Vaulted Walls
Change Wall Texture
DXF Import
Hide Wall                                                                                                       To Top
Assembly Types
Custom Assemblies
Catalog Assemblies
Base Cabinets
Vanity Cabinets
Upper Cabinets
Tall Cabinets
Blind Cabinets
Return Cabinets
Irregular Height Upper Cabinets
Irregular Shaped Assemblies
Desk Cabinets
Island Cabinets
Corner Cabinets
90-degree Susan Cabinets
Split-depth Cabinets
Wainscot Paneling
User Created Objects
Face Frames Only
Mantles                                                                                                            To Top
Assembly Modifications
Change Name
Copy & Paste
Adding Intelligence
Control Size (Width/Depth/Height)
Offset from Wall
Position Left/Right/Up/Down
Section Height
Section Width
Partition Location
Change Section Type
Modify Part Size & Position
Change Face Frame Joints
Change Door Hinging
Add Pull-outs
Add Shelves
Change Drawer Heights
Change Drawer Depths
Change no. of  Drawers in Bank
Change Drawer Overlays
Change Door Overlays
Change Drawer Style Per Opening
Change Door Style Per Opening
Return Panel Widths
Scribe Dimensions
Toe Kick Height
Toe Kick Finished End Adjustment
Toe Kick Type (Att, Det, Legs, None)
Sleeper Quantity
Radius and Angle Ends
Applied Door Ends
Interior Materials
Exterior Materials
Control Door Styles by Opening
Beaded Face Frames
Door and Drawer Overlays
Rotate Assemblies
Copy & Paste Assemblies
Place Assemblies
Counter Tops Modifications
DXF Import
Part Shaping                                                                                                     To Top
Refrigerator Cabinets
Undercounter Refrigerator
Wall Oven Cabinets
Undercounter Oven
Cook Tops
Free Standing Ranges
Drop-in Ranges
Microwave Hoods
Place Appliances
Rotate Appliances
Modify Appliance Size W-D-H
Appliance Libraries
Custom Appliances                                                                                         To Top
Part Modify
Price by Part
Change Material of Single Part
Modify Part Thickness
Modify Part Width
Modify Part Length
Copy & Paste Parts
Edit Shape of Parts
Replace Part w/Library Parts
Add Comments
Add Intelligence to Parts
Replace Parts w/DXF                                                                                To Top
Cut, Copy, Paste CAD Objects
Rotate CAD Objects
Flip CAD Objects
Mirror CAD Objects
Trim CAD Objects
Crop CAD Objects
Undo and Redo in CAD
Draw and Edit Line
Various Line Weights
Various Dashed Line Types
Annotation Arrows
Hatched Polygons
Multiple Fonts
Custom Text Sizes and Formatting
Move Text
Edit Text
Mechanical Symbols
Point Snapping
Coordinate Display
DXF Export                                                                                                     To Top
Scaled Drawings
BMP Import and Export
JPG Import and Export
MOV Export
DXF Import and Export
CSV Export
HTML Export
RTF Export
Excel Export
MS Word Export
Text Export
Cutlist in Inches or Metric
Job Costing
Assembly Reports
Assembly Labels
Email Jobs
Email Backups
Save Renders to Disk                                                                                  To Top
Key Controlled Features
Network Version
Panel Optimization
Wood Wizard
The Catalog Editor                                                                                         To Top
Microsoft Vista Capable
Mouse Driven
32bit Color
Variable Height Perspectives
Multiple Rooms per Job
User-Defined Dimensions Styles
User-Defined Layers
Add Molding
Delete Molding
Modify Molding
Add Counter Tops
Delete Counter Tops
Modify Counter Tops
Large 3D Object Library
User-defined 3D Objects
User-defined Doors
Large Molding Library
User-defined Molding
Large Window Library
User-defined Windows
User-defined Floor Textures
Large Room Door Library
User-defined Door Library
Large Wallpaper Library
User-created Wallpaper Library
User-defined Location for Pulls/Knobs
User-defined Appliances
Multiple Panel Doors
Display True Door Overlays
Door Hinging on Floor Plan
Display Moldings
Display Wood Grain
Layout in Inches or Metric
Full Dimension Control
Save Groups of Cabinets
Design Custom Cabinets
Design Modular Cabinets
Design with Modular Cabinets on Increments
Design with Catalog Objects
User-defined Assembly Libraries
User Created Standards
Add Hardware to Room or Assembly
Link from Job Site Companion
Restore from Backup                                                                                      To Top





























































































































































































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