Solid Essential with Panel Optimiser is the ideal entry-level solution for cabinet manufacturers looking to develop their business and take it to the next level.

Solid Essential provides you the detailing and planning capabilities and Panel Optimiser helps maximise your material usage and reduce waste. 

Be able to draw your design, and then seamlessly create a cutting list for your panel saw. Watch below to learn how you to can get the most of your designing and materials. 



Key features and benefits of Solid Essential with Panel Optimiser include:

Start the job - Finish the Job - Fully integrated with Cabinet Vision, Panel Optimiser allows you to quickly and easily convert your cut lists into patterns to be printed and used as a roadmap when on your panel saw.

Complete your designs with ease using plan and evaluation views

Photo-Realistic Drawings - produce high-quality renderings to help win more jobs

Easily customise your job & build your library with cabinets. 

Cabinet Editing - Easy creation of assemblies that will allow you to quickly build your library and create one-off custom cabinets.

Communicate important production information to the shop floor with integrated part labels and reports

Quickly and easily convert your cut list into patterns ready to be cut.

Package Includes

  • Cabinet Vision Solid Essential with Panel Optimiser
  • Online Session to install your software

  • Online Integration Day allows us to spend
    1-on-1 time helping you customise your system further and ensure a smooth integration of the software into your business.
  • 12 month Customer Care (inc phone support, online forums and updates)
  • 1 x CV Essential Online Course - 4 Day Online Course learning about how Cabinet Vision works whilst we work with you to setup your system

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Cabinet Vision is a true design-to-manufacturing solution that when implemented into your business, will help your business grow and achieve the results you desire. With four complete design-to-manufacturing solutions, there is one that best suits you. Planit's S2M Center provides you a seamless and complete software solution to draw your designs and generate a cutting list to use straight on your panel saw.


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