Experience the power of Cabinet Vision Version 9


Version 9 of Cabinet Vision and Version 6 of Screen-to-Machine has now been released. This latest release includes more than 200 new features within the program. 

Some of the key areas of development include:

  • Improved usability throughout the program
  • A completely re-designed Material Manager to utilise the latest technology
  • New Report Center providing improved report generation
  • Assign banding to parts in the assembly wizard
  • 43 new bid methods and report variables

Below is a video that highlights the key Features of the latest version, and the benefits that they bring. 

We also have additional videos that go into more detail about the new features:

Click here to watch More Videos


Version 9 Features vs Benefits

Video Coming Soon


Check out the "What's New" document for Cabinet Vision Version 9 

Check out the "What's New" document for S2M Version 6




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