Royalty Restrictions for Version 11 of CV and S2M

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New Policy regarding older versions of Cabinet Vision and S2M Center

With the development of Version 11 of Cabinet Vision and S2M underway, Planit need to take the time to inform you of an upcoming policy change being brought in by Vero Software (Owners of Cabinet Vision & S2M)

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Effective from the release of Version 11, Planit will no longer have the ability to issue licences, change licence configurations or software modules for Cabinet Vision and S2M Center previous versions (Version 10 or Older). Those customers that decide not to update will run the risk of losing the ability to replace a licence, purchases additional licences or purchase software level upgrades, which could result in halted or interrupted production.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your previous versions will continue to run as normal upon V11's release. Changes won't be able to be made

Why is this happening?

Like most software, parts of Cabinet Vision are licensed from third parties to make use of the very best technology available. Contractual changes with these 3rd party agreements are forcing Cabinet Vision to make a pretty big change that requires Cabinet Vision to cease any issuing or changes to software configurations for Customers with Version 10 or older as of the release of Version 11. These changes are not by choice, but for legal reasons. We at Planit intend to do our utmost to help our clients through this transition.

What about S2M Center

If you own S2M Center for your manufacturing, it is important to remember that S2M and Cabinet Vision are licenced together. This policy includes S2M. No changes to your licence configurations can be made to older versions once S2M Version 11 is released. 

The one exception, Machine Posts to connect to a new machine can be purchased for older versions. Your Territory Manager can explain this further for you. 

Sunset to Old Versions

We also need to let customers on newer versions aware, that Cabinet Vision Licences more than 4 Versions behind will be moved into a 'sunset state'. At the moment, this means anyone on CV Version 2011 R2 or older have had their software moved to this sunset state. As new versions of Cabinet Vision are released, this will progress as well. For Example: Upon Version 11 release, this will see Version 2012 R2 move into sunset state.

This may not affect you now, but it may in the future if you do not keep up to date.

Why are you doing this?

Like most software developers, Cabinet Vision uses the latest technology available to ensure features are included and the software is compatible to provide the right tools for the modern manufacturer. Cabinet Vision is investing heavily in developing the software in your best interest and want to encourage you to have access to these latest features.

If you think this may affect you, please contact us to discuss a plan of action.

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