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Planit would like to take this opportunity to announce that Vero Software (owners of Cabnetware and Cabinet Builder), have made the decision to end the ongoing development and sales of Cabnetware products moving forward. 

If you are a current Cabinet Builder Customer, please contact the Planit Head Office to discuss what your options are

Cabinet Builder was developed as an answer to the market’s request for an entry-level Screen-to-Machine™ cabinet manufacturing program.  Built upon Planit’s heritage of developing award-winning software for the woodworking market, Cabinet Builder provides the needed software technology for those businesses wanting a fully integrated design to manufacturing solution.

Manufacturing Methods
Pre-configured with three common manufacturing methods—Blind Dado, Butt Dowell, and Butt Screw.

Room Viewing
Provides the essential tools needed to produce floor plan, elevation, and full color 3-D perspective views. Various appliances, passage doors, windows, moldings, and wallpapers can be created and displayed. Select cabinet door, drawer and paneling details, colors and wood grain.

Part & Material ListsCreate dimensioned shop drawings, detailed cutting lists for all components, and cost proposals.

Output to Machines
Outputs machine ready code for NC saws, CNC routers and point-to-point machining centers.

Modification Made Easy
Modifications of the cabinets or section within the cabinet are done with the click of the mouse to access various menu choices. Door, Drawer and all shelving arrangements are easily modified. All changes are instantly reflected in the parts list, labor, and material reports.


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