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All Alphacam modules are built on the same foundation. This foundation includes CAD functionality including lines, arcs, circles and rectangles plus snap and ortho modes, dimensioning access to user layers and APS layers. Auto- snap, APS fast geometries and special geometries including polygon and ellipse. You also will have 3D polyline capability and the ability to import for DXF and DWG files. Editing Functions include undo, change start point, move, copy, rotate, mirror, scale, stretch, skew, break, trim, explode, join, extend, filet, chamfer and offset. You can change function - construction to geometry and reverse.

Viewing Options include 3D wire frame, full 3D simulation, ghost tools, single steps, rapid positioning and all zoom functions. Typed-in TrueType® type with editing capability, creation and editing of splines, conversion of points to lines or arcs and digitizing. Utilities for distance and angles.

All modules have a user defined tool library and matierials library. Tool direction settings include inside, outside, left and right. Vertical rough and finish machining, contour, linear or spiral pocketing with unlimited islands, panel edge accessibility, automatic lead ins and lead outs, automatic calculation of speeds and feeds. Cut corner options include strait, roll round, or loop. 3D engraving plus addition and removal of tagging supports. 3D approach and operation and toolpath editing capability. Automatic toolpath update when geometries are modified. G41/42 tool compensation. Drill, peck, tap and boore holes using controller cycles. Finally, each module has the ability for graphic printing and plotting.

Post Processors
With manufacturer’s facing ever increasing global competition, it is essential to maintain maximum machinery efficiency to assure optimal production throughput. Having an optimized link between Alphacam and your CNC machines, through the use of post processors, is a key component in attaining this efficiency. Having developed post processors for virtually every machine control in use today, Planit Solutions Inc has the knowledge and experience to fine tune your CNC output assuring maximum yield and quality in the shortest possible time.

Additional Products

Alphaedit, a multi-window text editor specifically designed for NC programmers, is included with every Alphacam module. It offers standard text editor features as well as NC specific features such as line re-numbering and program comparison. It can be used to print out operator sheets for the workshop, showing the operation list with types, tools and cycle times which are automatically generated by all Alphacam modules.

Alphaview has been specifically designed for use on the shop floor and allows machine tool operators to have some control over the NC program output to the machine tool. Now an engineer has the ability to simulate and edit existing Alphacam programs, such as toolpaths, tool numbers, speeds and feeds, without the need to interrupt your programming team with minor modifications to the NC code.

Alphacad creation offers full function 2D and 3D features for fast creation of machine suitable geometries.


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