Alphcam 2014 R1 | Latest Release of Alphacam

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Key Features of Alphacam 2014 R1

1. Alphacam now has the ability to 'process' multiple operations at the same time. This is really useful for situations where you have operations that do take up a lof of time when you initially apply them. This is mainly for 3D operations as they tend to be the most intensive and require the most amount of processing time. 

processing multiple operations.png
2. Alphcam's CAD to CAM's Style Layer Processing can now proces solid panel parts from Part Modeler, Solid Edge, SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor. 

style layer processing_2.png
3. CSV File Utility add-in has been added to Alphacam to batch process CSV files from their existing format into whatever is needed by the program importing them; such as CDM, APM, Style Later Processing, and CAD to CAM. 

Features include:

  • Remapping Existing CSV files

  • Specify fixed fields within the map

  • Multiple mapping schemes

  • Add, remove and redefine headers

  • Batch Process

4. DWG file import from Autocad will work for Autocad 2014 files. The new Maintain Layer Visibility option is checked on by default to load the DWG files with the layers marked as visible in the file. Uncheck this option to make all layers visible


5.  Addition of Solid Models for Turning Tools and Milling Tools


Alpahcam can also support 3 different turning Turning Types. This is really beneficial for machines with numerous axis and now also supports multi-turrent machines. 


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