Catalog Editor Refresher Courses

We understand that building a custom library or catalog for your business can be a complex process. Planit's Catalog Editor Training Course is intended to provide you with a comprehensive knowledge base covering how Catalog Editor software works, and how you can use it to achieve the results that you are looking for from the catalog or library that you intend to build. However, the support and services that Planit offers does not stop there.

Whether you need a refresher training course on a particular topic in order to determine the appropriate set up for your catalog, a one-on-one consultation with an experienced technical representative to answer a quick question, or help building your catalog or library from start to finish, Planit’s Professional Service Team is here to help you keep your project on task.

Catalog Editor Refresher Training Courses Available

Catalog Editor Refresher Course 1: Door Associations.

Using the Door Catalog in the creation of customized doors. Setting up Door Associations and pricing on doors. How to link to a modular catalog with various price categories or single price categories. How to add additional door upcharges for profiles, materials used, etc. How to use associated doors and mirrored doors in modular catalogs.

Catalog Editor Refresher Course 2: Options and Option Effects.

How to set up catalog library options for job-level and cabinet-level options. How to link option effects to library including custom standards (how to attach your construction methods, material schedules, finishes, hardware, UCSs and modifications). Non-graphic upcharges.

Catalog Editor Refresher Course 3: Cabinet Creation and Saving with Advanced Options.

Part One of Cabinet Creation includes modifying and editing cabinets in Solid Cabinet Editor (section and orthographic face views) and saving cabinets back into a catalog from CCE.

Part Two of Cabinet Creation includes creating a menu structure in Catalog Editor. Copying units from other catalogs. Creating Units in Catalog Editor from scratch. The Advanced Properties Button and options. Creating Alias Units. Right-click properties in Cat Editor. Auto-Fill. Working side by side with Solid Layout View.

Catalog Editor Refresher Course 4: Pricing and Reporting Setup 1.

Pricing and Reporting Parts 1 (in Solid) and 2 (in Cat Editor). Non-modular and modular catalog pricing. Non-modular and modular report templates in the Bid Center. How to right-click and edit price for different categories. How to export pricing.

Catalog Editor Refresher Course 5: Pricing and Reporting Setup 2.

Stock Pricing Formulas vs Simple Pricing Table. How to set up Stock Pricing Formulas or a Simple Pricing Table. How to incorporate either CaseList pricing or PartsPrice in Stock Pricing.

Catalog Editor Refresher Course 6: Closets in Catalog Editor.

How to create modular closet Catalogs (overview) in Catalog Editor, closet module, part pricing for closets, stock pricing for closets, advanced closet properties such as stretching and setting to snap at 32 mm.

Catalog Editor Training is a pre-requisite for all Catalog Editor Refresher Courses.