This is the Christmas Edition of the Planit newsletter for 2009.  Hard to believe but it is true, its Christmas time again!!!

Planit will be closing for the Christmas & New Year holiday break from Tuesday 22nd December at 5pm and re-opening Monday 11th January 2010 at 9am.

If you have a sales enquiry over this period email: If you have a support query over this time email

If you buy removeable labels from us, make sure you have enough stock to last you through till we return on Monday 11th January 2010. If you require more labels for this period, make sure you have your order in before close of business on Tuesday 22nd December at 5pm.

From all the team at Planit, we wish you & your family a safe and happy holiday season and look forward to working with you in 2010.

Louise Clarke...Editor.

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The Year in Review 2009

The year we’ve all had has been one of ups and downs.
The Global Financial Crisis wreaked havoc across the major financial markets. Very few economies were spared and we were one of the few it appears, to have been. That’s not to say we’re out of the woods just yet, just we’ve, by all measures, turned the corner.

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Version 8.3 Released

Some of the new features in the different levels of V8.3 Software Update Program are:

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Changes to Planit Software Update Program

With the release of Cabnetware Version 8.3, Planit has released a new system for software updates and a revision to the update system already in place for Cabinet Vision to make them the same.

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Christmas Promotion

Planit staff have put their Santa suits on, jumped in their sleighs and are out & about giving out Christmas presents

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Next Step Seminars

Planit has recently been out in your local area doing Information Seminars designed to discuss the Next Step in your business.

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Planit Family

Nicole Thompson, who looks after accounts & ordering of goods to Planit, has announced she is expecting her first baby,due in April 2010.

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New Manager, a Stand Out

Kitchen Creators of Paraparaumu and New Plymouth, New Zealand purchased Manager software to find a better way of tracking cost and time, and to have better analysis tools.

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 Manager Software Integrates Operations

Cabinet making company The Sellers Room can prepare accurate quotes and track all its jobs as they progress through the factory since adopting comprehensive management software.

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Insuring Planit Licenses

OAMPS Insurance Brokers was formed in 1976 and was originally Oil Agents Mutual Provident Society.  At that time OAMPS sourced a better insurance deal for fuel distributors around Australia and have used that same approach to develop targeted insurance deals to over 100 industry associations, Planit clients are one of the most recent deals they have created.

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Explanation of Codes

For CV or CW customers, the activation of program features and modules are controlled by ‘Codes’. These codes consist of 3 groups of 8 alpha/numerical characters. They are individually coded to match your key burn name and the products you have purchased, this includes versions and ancillary products. Post codes contain 4 alpha characters to provide activation to a machine post. These are matched to the key name and post name. You need a separate post code for each different machine and for each different key name you have.

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Frequently asked Questions

Why are my codes expiring?

Why have I only got temporary codes with my new goods?

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Tips & Tricks - Cabinet Vision

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Tips & Tricks - Cabnetware

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Tips & Tricks - NC Centre

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