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Welcome 2015 and to this month's Newsletter. 2015 is here and we hope you are excited for this big year, like we are. 

This month's newsletter features our current Fast Track Campaign, an article from our General Manager on 2015, a preview of our new website and you can also read more about our new look Tech Days.

From The Planit Team


What 2015 might have install

So as 2015 gets underway, Planit is excited about the year ahead.

We’re going to be doing a few more road trips. We enjoyed getting out and spending time with our customers, so we are planning a lot more of this throughout 2015. These trips are a great opportunity for social time as well as business talk and showing you whats new.

Our contribution and association with Industry bodies will continue as a high priority as this is an area we are keen to support. Our industry, the woodworking industry, is our livelihood so we want to be part of anything that encourages and strengthens it.

Another priority we have set is to increase our involvement and service to other supplies from the industry, as part of our Planit Partner Network. New features and developments within the software have allowed us to provide a better range of services to complement and tie in with our partners products. They have the same objective as us, to provide products and services to improve your business, so it’s only smart that we all work together.

Plans for a gallery to showcase the work of our customers is coming along and will be a new initiative. We have many talented customers and some amazing things being done within the software, so we thought it is time to facilitate a platform to be able to share these with each other to inspire and drive ourselves to a higher level.

At Planit our Mission Statement talks about ‘Continual Improvement’, so we have engaged the services of a business coach to work with all levels at Planit. This will develop our skills and processes so we can “be providers of Best Practice software and services”. A fresh look at what we do and how we do it, so we can do it better. It is exciting and challenging at the same time, There may be pain but the rewards will be greater, and it is also something to consider for yourself as we start a New Year with a fresh sense of anticipation for the year ahead. Don’t wait to see if it is going to be a good year, do something about it and make it a good year !

Have you ever sat back and watched the younger generation? How they embrace technology, how they utilise the new trends and maximise these advancements, while you resist and work against it. While not all of it can be used, it is worth while investigating if and how some of these new tools and ideas can have a positive impact in your business and on your time. Having a positive attitude might just find you a little pot of gold.

2015 is showing great signs of being a fruitful year, our industry is strong, there is an abundance of opportunities out there for the picking, the excitement of a new year is all among us, it’s up to you to choose what you make of it.

See you at the other end … Have fun.

Steve Cugley

General Manager 

Planit has a new website

Late last month, we were excited to launch our new website. After months of development, this website brings a refreshed look to our online presence. Our new website has made navigating around the site more user-friendly, by making menu options simpler and utilising a cleaner looking format. The development also has allowed our website to be more compatible with mobile devices.

If you haven't been on our website lately, now is the time to have a look. We have already received lots of great feedback, with many people commenting on how easy it is to use and find everything. 

Planit has some exciting additions planned for the website, which we will be launching throughout the year. 

To visit our website, please visit www.au.planit.com


Planit Tech Day's get a new look

Our Tech Days are a valuable part of our Customer Care program. They provide a great opportunity for our customers to not only preview the latest enhancements of Cabinet Vision, but to also get assistance in resolving any technical or usage issues. Tech Days give our customers a chance to network with other Cabinet Vision users and to develop their system with the guidance and suppport of these experienced operators and our technicians. 

In 2015 we will be making improvements to the format of our Tech Days to ensure you are getting the most out of your time with one of our technicians. We have divided each Tech Day into 2 sessions, with a maximum of 5 users in each. Session 1 will begin at 9am and run through to 12.30pm. Session 2 will follow between 1pm and 4.30pm. After reviewing our Tech Days, we wanted to increase the amount of time you have directly with an integrator, as well as fostering a better environment within the sessions. We are certain that these changes will allow us to continue supporting you with an improved, more focused service.

Invitations are emailed to customers approximately 2 weeks before each Tech Day, however dates and locations for all Planit events, including Tech Days, can be found on our website - www.au.planit.com/academy. If you have any questions, please email training@au.planit.com

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