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Welcome to our February Newsletter. We hope you have had a great start to the year, with plenty of work on the go. 

This month's newsletter features Vortek at KBIS in Las Vegas, a new training course for the industry, and we also discuss the concept of Personal Learning Networks. 

From The Planit Team

KBIS 2015 - Las Vegas


by Kristen Gill (Integrator)kbis.jpg

In January, I attended the KBIS 2015 tradeshow in Las Vegas, where Vero Software were showcasing Vortek. KBIS is the Kitchen & Bathroom Industry Show, for designers, manufacturers & resellers. It was similar to the DesignEX shows held in Australia, but on a much larger scale. There were some familiar brands in kitchen & bathroom fittings, and it was interesting to see the differences in cabinetry in the American market; the popular styles are much bigger and bolder than the sleek & minimal styles we see here.

vortek@kbis.jpgVero partnered with Arcane Technologies & Planit Canada to display Vortek at KBIS. It was great to see how they present Vortek to their markets and to meet with part of the development team from Arcane. Visitors to the stand were enthusiastic about Vortek, many having not seen anything quite like it before and the stand was very busy over the 3 days of the show.

Some exciting developments have occurred since we showed Vortek at AWISA in Brisbane last year. I was able to see some testing on the export from Cabinet Vision Version 9, directly into Vortek /experience. This will be highly anticipated for many of our existing CV customers. Furthermore, Vortek will soon be launching an app for the iPad, which will be a viewing platform for models created within Cabinet Vision Version 9, exported using the Collada file format. 

After the show I was lucky enough to go across to New York to visit family for a couple of days, and on my trip back to Australia I did a quick tour of the Grand Canyon! 


Cabinet and Joinery Detailing Course

designer training logo.pngThere is a brand new industry course available in 2015. The Certificate in Cabinet and Joinery Detailing Course is designed for roles within a cabinet making business or other specialty shop fitting or joinery companies where a specialist detailer is required to interpret design requirements and prepare machine ready working documents for procurement, purchasing, scheduling, manufacture and installation.

This course is provided by EDGECAM | Designer Training (Pty Ltd), and is available to anyone across Australia as it is undertaken entirely by distance education. With a focus on the industry, EDGECAM | Designer Training are one of the few training organisations who run this type of specialised training. It has been developed by industry professionals with consultation from businesses all over Australia. This is a great opportunity for those who are either new to the industry or already in detailing roles to undertake a course that equip them with all the skills and knowledge required to be successful in the role.

Planit is excited to be working closely with EDGECAM | Designer Training to provide to Cabinet Vision as part of two modules that participants would be required to complete. Another two modules will utilise Manager Software. 

You can view a course outline by click here. EDGECAM | Designer Training's full list of courses can be seen here

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Personal Learning Network

pln wordle.jpg

by Blake Cugley (Marketing Coordinator)

What is a Personal Learning Network (or PLN)? It is simply an informal network of people or organisations that you regularly interact with in order to expand your knowledge and gain insight into a topic as part of your personal development. This simply may involve subscribing to a Business Blog and read their weekly post, or engaging with a business based online forum, where you discuss different topics with a range of other people.

Thinking about this topic gave me the idea to share some of the interesting topics we read or listen to with our customers. 

I was reading an article about how many people finish their day demotivated because they feel like they haven't done much, and their To-Do-List hasn't got any shorter, or has even got longer. By simply going through all the things you were able to achieve and writing them down, it actually helps you realise the amount of progress you made that day. It seems simple, but helps you finish the day on a much more positive note, and actually helps you separate work with your own time

Click Here to read the article.

Listening to Podcasts is another productive way to pick up on some key ideas or insight in a relaxed and informal environment. I was recently listening to an episode of a Podcast called Small Business Big Marketing. The focus of this episode was How to create raving fans. The guest for this episode was an owner of a Trade based Franchise, and he shared some of his 21 step process to creating raving fans through a strong focus on Customer Service. These steps focus on doing the simple things to provide high customer service, which leaves customers loving your business,and wanting to refer you onto their friends. Word-of-Mouth Marketing and Referrals are some of the most inexpensive forms off marketing, but they are some of the strongest. 

Click here for the Episode of Small Business Big Marketing

If you have an article or item you think is helpful, and want to share it with other Planit Customers, please feel free to email it to info@au.planit.com


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