VORTEK Spaces helps people to really visualise what they are getting

Since its debut at the AWISA 2016 show, VORTEK Spaces has been assisting Australian designers provide their clients with a unique experience. Often referred as just "VORTEK" by businesses, VORTEK Spaces is a cloud-based software application that has given small to medium businesses tools that once only large businesses could utilise.



VORTEK Spaces is more than just a rendering software program, it is an easy-to-use interactive visualisation platform. VORTEK Spaces provides an interactive experience to explore material choices whilst immersing themselves into their future environment with a complete walk-through experience. VORTEK's ability to import projects from multiple design software programs, adds to the ease-of-use users experience. For social media, VORTEK Spaces can connect with YouTube, allowing quick and easy upload of a design to then send to clients.


Heart of The Home Designs is a Queensland based business using VORTEK Spaces. Owner Anna Duff shared, "I love VORTEK and it is making a huge impact on my business". Anna explains that Spaces has allowed them to try different colours on the same design, so that they can be confident in the materials they choose. "It gives my design business that edge and creates excitement with our clients, and they spread the word which brings me more business".


VORTEK Spaces Product Manager, Jonathan Blackburn, visited Australia for the 2018 AWISA Show and explained that a key element of the Spaces experience is "perception of space and depth that it brings a design. Having video presentation technology helps clients get a deeper understanding of the space. Getting a feel of the space between the countertop and island bench is a difficult for some clients when using just still renders." Many people that visited the VORTEK Spaces booth on the Planit stand mentioned the importance that technology was going to bring when trying to win over new clients.


Drawnby in South Australia is an independent joinery drafting company that details designs for numerous clients. VORTEK Spaces provides a strong tool to showcase their designs to multiple clients. Lynh Dang-Brown, owner of Drawnby shares, "VORTREK Spaces allows us to produce fast and high-detail renders and walk-throughs of our designs, meaning we can return projects to our clients faster." Lynh also explained that the speed of VORTEK Spaces allows them to quickly get renders to promote via their Instagram page.


Gangemi Cabinetmakers in North Queensland have been using VORTEK Spaces since 2018. Chanelle is one of the VORTEK Spaces users and shared the benefit for their customers is that “it’s visual, easy for our clients to see a walkthrough version of their custom design. Chanelle also pointed out “it is very easy to share walk-throughs via YouTube. Our clients can watch multiple times and even pause to take a closer look at their pleasure.”

The phrase, "customers will never look at their space in the same way again!" sums up the aim of VORTEK Spaces.  Whether you want to improve your customer experience offering, provide your clients with a better understanding of their space or help marketing your business, VORTEK Spaces can do that for you.


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