Trufix Cabinetmaking embraces CNC manufacturing

Trufix Cabinetmaking is a growing business who are embracing the latest technology.

Trufix Cabinetmaking is a growing business who are embracing the latest technology. The business has recently purchased Cabinet Vision software from Planit Cutting Edge Solutions and an Anderson CNC from I & J Machinery Sales. The investment has already begun to pay off for owners Dean and Michelle Manzone.


When looking to originally purchase their new machine, Dean & Michelle were advised that it was going to be important to consider investing in software as well. The functionality gained from integrating software into their business would help improve their design and set-out times, as well as help utilise the full capabilities of the CNC. So the couple looked towards Cabinet Vision.


The majority of the work done by Dean and Michelle is with maintenance cabinetry, so the jobs are all unique and time sensitive. Cabinet Vision gives Trufix Cabinetmaking the flexibility they need to meet the unique requirements of the jobs that they manufacture. Combined with this, the software’s useability has helped improve their production rates. Cabinet Vision is helping them achieve the detail required for their type of work, including matching existing cabinets such as “mullion” type cabinets.


Cabinet Vision is able to export G-Code ready to be run on the CNC. Michelle can run the CNC while the guys are busy installing, thanks to the Design to Manufacturing approach. She commented: “How hard can it be – you only need to load the file and press the button on the machine. We only have to run the machine a few days a week and it’s great to know that we have the extra production capacity if and when we need it”. “I can’t believe how much work we put through this small factory. Now we can cut one day and install the next,” said Dean, who added, “Big jobs or small, it’s so quick, even on a small vanity we save heaps of time.”


In a little over six months, the business has expanded from a husband and wife team to a total of five staff, with the company increasing their production from one kitchen a week to over four per week. Dean and Michelle are delighted to say that they are very happy with how the machine and software are working together, and would like to thank Alan and Ian for their help and support with setting up the system along with their continued service. Both Dean and Michelle commented, “It gives us piece of mind knowing we are supported by businesses with local support and years of experience in our industry.”


Alan shared, “If you’re looking to embrace manufacturing in your company, it’s important to remember the significance of integrating both software and machinery into your production process. Make sure you capitalise on the improvements and efficiency that a complete Design to Manufacturing solution will bring your business.”


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