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In the wholesale kitchen manufacture business, a major reason for any trepidation may be due to a lack skilled cabinet makers in this country – a symptom of the overall depreciation in the numbers of skilled trades people. 

None of this deterred The Timberworks. Based on the NSW Central Coast, this small but ambitious company saw no reason why it couldn’t make such a transition which is expected to see it grow from successful regional supplier into one that serves the national market. 

Managing Director, Mr Matt Sheppard, says the only way the company could even have contemplated such a transformation was by investigating all software systems
on the market and then analysing which - if any - could help set the right platform
to launch this venture. 

“What we were planning was about to see us change from a product supplier into
a full-blown manufacturer, so we had to get it right first time,” said Mr Sheppard.
“We had a thorough look and decided there was one software system to help us
leapfrog into the market without a dependency on panel sawing - which we saw was already outdated -- and allowed us to set-up on automated cnc technology which is far more flexible, more accurate and much quicker.” 

The Timberworks based its platform on Planit software. What this achieved, was it gave the company right from the start, a system where its operators can take the digital representation (CAD version) of any kitchen and feed it directly into its cnc machinery and turn around a finished product very quickly. 

This is the essence of its nesting based manufacture; it allows multiple jobs to be fed into the manufacturing system simultaneously, therefore waste is far less than on panel saws and greater time efficiency is gained. 

Above all, the company says it is very quick and easy to train operators to a high technical level for this manufacturing process that eliminates the other potential problem -- scouring the country for skilled cabinet makers which are far less common than they used to be. Now The Timberworks is highly cable to expediently manufacture all kitchen requirements for wholesalers. 

“Before we slotted into the manufacturing sector, we knew very little about nesting as we are relatively new to the industry,” said Mr Shepherd. “Yet it made complete sense to us that it was the way forward rather than using outdated panels saws and drilling for set-out.” 

“For me, the most convenient and rewarding advantage is that we have been able to offer our existing employees an upskilled career path as system operators even though they aren’t cabinet makers. “The industry appears to be changing very quickly and there is now a new requirement for skilled operators rather than trade specialist.
“It is hard to find a cabinetmaker of yesterday who is also a capable software operator and a machine specialist. In this way the industry has changed a fair bit. 

“There is no doubt that having the machine linked directly to the software reduces labour times enormously and reduces manual lifting for employees. “Although we have never considered ourselves to be a very big company, the investment in has made a massive difference to us and now the goal is to grow Planit software enormously.” 

The Timberworks perpetually develops the software with its own database which is a user-friendly process for its operators. The company is also gearing to fit-out its subcontractor network with the software so as to streamline the entire supply chain.

For more information
Planit Unit 9, 205 Port Hacking Rd,
Miranda NSW 2228
(02) 9544 8815

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