Cabinet making company The Sellers Room can prepare accurate quotes and track all its jobs as they progress through the factory since adopting comprehensive management software.

The manufacturer which focuses on commercial fit outs, implemented Planit’s Manager in 2008, finding it “a fantastic product”.

The company had previously used a number of different enterprise programs including a DOS program to prepare quotes and an off-the-shelf accounting package. Manager replaced all these programs.

“We didn’t want to have three products – one each for design, accounts and tendering. We needed an integrated package,” said Craig Pengelly, production manager for the Sellers Room, which employs nearly 25 people.

“With Manager working in tandem with Planit’s Cabinet Vision, we now have that. Manager is a comprehensive program that can extract design data from Cabinet Vision as well as do all our number crunching.

“Manager estimates costs, labour required and materials needed, giving us an actual dollar figure on the job. We have far more accuracy in quoting”.

“Manager also allows us to monitor the progress of a job through the factory. That’s very important to us. We can follow the job continuously and ensure it’s on schedule. Staff can also check their own performance,” he said.

The program facilitates on-line scanning of components, using bar codes. The Sellers Room has five scanning stations, with the bar codes holding vital information including the list of duties within the work order.

In the final stages of the production process, Cabinet Vision and Manager work “wonderfully well” with the company’s flatbed router, according to Craig.

“Clients notice the speed of turnaround. Once the drawing is done in Cabinet Vision, we can complete the job in hours with much less manpower required.

“It’s a fantastic product. There’s no doubt about that.

“A lot of management software is only what you get ‘out-of-the-box’, but not Manager. We were able to customise it exactly to meet our needs. By changing the way it reports, we expressed our own vision for the product,” he said.

When configuring Manager for accounts and invoicing, Craig wanted the program to have a staff interface, so that operators could access the data themselves instead of going through him.

“As a result of our feedback, Planit developed the interface for Manager and had it available to us within months.”
He noted that there was initially some resistance from staff to adopting something new. “But we highlighted the benefits to them and since then we’ve had a tremendously positive response.”

Craig estimated that the company will see a positive return-on-investment on Manager within about 18 months of implementation – certainly less than two years.

Planit’s Manager is an integrated business management tool and control system designed for manufacturers of all sizes.
The program accurately monitors the progress of each job or work order by material, consumption and labour tasks and times, allowing the user to plan and track scheduled start, finish, production release dates and shipping dates.

Its planning function synchronises lead times with work order start times, schedules work orders with job tracking, provides job status and due dates and oversees job status tracking.

Manager easily tracks job profit progress through each job, uses a bar-code scanner facility to capture hours, and offers a range of reports including sales, win/loss, and labour costs on jobs at each work centre.

Myles & Margarette Sellers (the owners)

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