Cabinet Vision eliminates human errors

Regardless of the skill level of individual cabinet makers, each and every one has the potential to make an untimely human error. When customisation is a key ingredient of the business, this exponentially increases the impact of human error. 

This is what Tasker Joinery in Sydney thought long and hard about before making a software choice. Cabinet Vision did the trick. This joinery specialist has been able to virtually eliminate the potential for human error on its production line which customises anything from commercial club fitouts to offices, medical clinics and upmarket kitchens and furniture. 

Having based its production on an earlier version of Cabinet Vision for 12 years to manage an automated panel saw, the company has made a flawless integration with the current version of Cabinet Vision to completely modernise its business. 

General Manager of the company, Mr Damian Carr, says that virtually all Tasker’s work involves customisation, so it was imperative to set a platform to reduce the potential for human error to expand the level of the company’s quality. “We always had excellent results using Cabinet Vision in combination with the automated saw, but as the capabilities of the software progressed we recognised excellent opportunities
to take our own business forward,” said Mr Carr. 

“When we bought a Multicam flat bed router & upgraded our Cabinet Vision to nested based manufacturing”. “To further ensure accuracy and complete transparency of our production sequencing, all our parts are optimised, cut, routered, drilled then labelled, edged & assembled to streamline our manufacture and cut out double handling. 

“As previously stated our work involves customised joinery and Cabinet Vision is very capable of high accuracy and reduction of human error. “We deal with a lot with architects and designers so the design aspect of virtually every job is already covered, but the software does have this feature we can use if required. 

“This is a busy, yet efficient, five-day operation with 12 staff which has a lot of room to expand due to the efficiencies of our software platform.” Tasker joinery works with any type of timber including plywood, MDF, malemine, chipboard - whatever is required. Its markets are mostly Sydney metropolitan area, but the organisation frequently ships finished product interstate as well as New Zealand.

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